ABP Live and EastMojo partner with Logically Facts to tackle harmful impact of misinformation in India

By: Logically Facts
December 11, 2023

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ABP Live and EastMojo partner with Logically Facts to tackle harmful impact of misinformation in India

The new editorial collaboration program aims to provide media organisations with trustworthy fact-checking and editorial content to improve online information integrity on issues of public interest.

Logically Facts, an IFCN-accredited multilingual global platform, has joined forces with ABP Network and EastMojo in India to provide the public with access to high-value, researched and verified editorial content on mis and disinformation issues. Logically Facts already works with major social media platforms globally, including TikTok and Meta, to help reduce the harm caused to their users by online mis and disinformation.

Logically Facts has staff in over 10 countries and three continents, monitoring and tackling mis and disinformation in nearly a dozen languages. In India, Logically Facts covers English, Hindi, Assamese, Kannada and Telugu. This is in addition to coverage around the globe in Swedish, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Russian, and soon Mandarin.

“As we strive to cater to the increasing number of first-time internet users, having access to Logically Facts' fact-checking ability in multiple languages enhances our operational capabilities. Logically Facts offering fact-checking in Hindi, Telugu, and Assamese aligns perfectly with our diverse language offerings.” said Tushar Banerjee, Vice President, Digital Content & Business Strategy, ABP Network, one of India’s largest and oldest news networks.

Banerjee continued, “The comprehensive methodology employed by Logically Facts adds an extra layer of assurance to our content. It also showcases ABP Network's overall commitment to journalistic integrity. In today's media landscape, where misinformation can easily proliferate, our partnership with Logically Facts becomes crucial in maintaining credibility.”

Karma Paljor, Editor-in-Chief at EastMojo, one of the most well-regarded sources for news from Northeast India, said, “The fact that we speak many different languages also makes it difficult to stop fake news. This is where Logically Facts comes in. Their fact-checking is unparalleled and provides invaluable context, which is particularly helpful for small newsrooms like EastMojo. Logically Facts goes beyond agenda-setting and focuses on exposing fake news, nothing else. The combination of fact-checking by Logically Facts and our ground reports ensures that no matter what state or what subject we are dealing with, we provide comprehensive coverage on every issue.”

Kritika, Head of Editorial Operations - India for Logically Facts, commented, “We are delighted to partner with two highly regarded media organisations to support them in providing their readers with coverage of crucial, hyperlocal topics that are susceptible to mis and disinformation. At a time when bad actors are hyper-personalising their disinformation campaigns, and the English language is the focus of most content moderation efforts, it is crucial for media powerhouses to have access to specialised multilingual mis and disinformation domain expertise.

Fundamentally, access to trustworthy information is one of the cornerstones of a prosperous society, so we are delighted that the work our team already does will be amplified to a much wider audience, thus maximising our impact.”

Global Fact-Checks Completed

We rely on information to make meaningful decisions that affect our lives, but the nature of the internet means that misinformation reaches more people faster than ever before