Ethics & Transparency

Our mission is to reduce and eventually eliminate the harms associated with mis/disinformation. We are proud supporters of free speech, and oppose censorious approaches to individual expression online. When misleading and deceptive online discourse causes societal damage, we believe it needs to be identified and addressed.

Logically Facts has built industry leading products and services to tackle harmful mis/disinformation at scale. Our offerings are designed for use by private and public sector organizations, governments, and civil society groups, among others. We provide our services only to clients who meet the highest standards of integrity and ethics.

We hold ourselves to the highest standards of accuracy, credibility, and rigor. Being a verified signatory of the IFCN, we are committed to non-partisanship and fairness, as well as transparency of sources, funding, and organizational structure. We are reviewed annually by the IFCN for our compliance with their code of principles and all assessment reports can be found here

When assessing any potential client opportunity, we apply the following standards:

We won’t enter into any contract:

  • Which is incompatible with the principles of enhancing civic discourse, protecting democratic debate and process, and providing access to trustworthy information.
  • Where there is a reasonable likelihood the client would use the information that we find to cause undue harm to any person or group, or threaten to undermine the human rights of any person or group.
  • We ensure that all commercial contracts include a specific, limited and targeted scope within which our products and services are licensed for use, agreed between Logically Facts and the client. Any violation of those terms will result in termination of service.
  • We don’t engage in partnerships which would undermine our commitment to political non-partisanship.

Finally, a robust ethics review process underpins our approach to ensure that any new contract is aligned with our standards. No project can pass our internal ethics review until the leadership team unanimously agree that there is no conflict of interest that might undermine our commitment to non-partisanship. Our Advisory Board, chaired by Mark Wood, also holds Logically Facts to account for its commitments to non-partisanship.

We also apply the following standards for our employees:

  • All our editorial team members: 
  • Must disclose any potential conflict of interest that may arise from working on any project and also determine in advance whether working on a project might undermine our reputation for non-partisanship.
  • Must complete a declaration of personal interests before they start work at Logically Facts.
  • Must disclose within a fact-check any commercial or other relationships that the public could conclude might influence the findings of that report.
  • Staff members at Logically Facts:
  • Are obliged to not conduct any activity which might unduly damage Logically Facts' reputation, which includes damaging our reputation for non-partisanship.
  • Must agree to abstain from standing for any political office, publicly supporting any politician or party, or expressing on social media any interest in, affiliation to, or association with any political party, political candidate, or politically aligned movement.

Logically Facts is not under the editorial control of any government, state, political party, or politician. We will not focus our investigations and reportage on one particular political party or side of the political spectrum.

We do not and will not employ any person who holds a salaried or prominent position in a political party, government, or public company.  

We will not ask or advise the readers to vote for any political party, candidate running for public office, or policies other than those which are pertinent to the practice of fact-checking.

Logically Facts will not conclude any agreement or partnership with a political party and will address any reasonable conflict of interest or political bias from the experts or organizations that are quoted or used.

Logically Facts has policies in place prohibiting employees from making political statements in the name of the company and not accepting any gifts, favors, or services with advantageous conditions in a working environment that go beyond common, social, and courtesy items.

Logically Facts is a registered company in Ireland, with the registry name Logically Facts Limited, and the registry number 704166. It’s owned by TheLogically Limited in the United Kingdom. However, Logically Facts exercises complete editorial and administrative separation and doesn’t receive any funding from TheLogically Limited. All administrative and budget decisions are made by the publication’s Managing Director Baybars Orsek.

The editorial standards at Logically Facts are subject to the oversight of the Logically Facts' advisory board chaired by Mark Wood, former Editor-in-Chief at Reuters. 

The latest financial year’s (2022) annual income and the sources contributing over 5 percent of the total annual income can be found below.

Your annual income for the last finished year:


Sources of income contributing over 5% of the total annual income

Bytedance, Meta

Other relevant sources of income as understood in article 4.2.B:



You can find the description of the activities we carry out with our partnering organizations below.

Name of partner organization

Description of the activities


Partnering on the Third Party Fact-Checking Program

Bytedance (TikTok)

Partnering on the Third Party Fact-Checking Program




1.1 The name of this organization shall be Logically Facts.

1.2 The purpose of Logically Facts is to conduct independent fact-checking activities, serving social media platforms and the public by addressing the harms associated with misinformation and disinformation.

1.3 Logically Facts operates as a separate and independent business unit from its parent company, TheLogically Limited (also known as Logically). Logically Facts is a registered company in Ireland, with the registry name Logically Facts Limited, and the registry number 704166. It is owned by TheLogically Limited in the United Kingdom. 


2.1 Editorial Independence: Logically Facts maintains full editorial independence from Logically. This independence is crucial for ensuring the integrity and credibility of its fact-checking activities.

2.2 Editorial Decisions: All editorial decisions, including the selection, examination, and publication of fact-checking content, are made independently by the editorial team of Logically Facts without interference or influence from Logically.

2.3 Separate Management and Operations: Logically Facts has its dedicated management team and operational staff, distinct from those of Logically, to prevent any conflict of interest.

2.4 Financial Independence: While Logically Facts is a separate and independent subsidiary of Logically, it operates with a separate budget and financial resources to ensure that the financial considerations of the parent company do not influence editorial decisions.


3.1 Governance Structure: Logically Facts is headed by the Managing Editor, who is responsible for upholding the organization’s mission, editorial independence, and delivery to its partners and clients, and reports to its Advisory Board for editorial excellence.

3.2 Transparency and Reporting: Logically Facts commits to transparency in its operations. An annual report detailing its editorial decisions, governance structure, and a breakdown of its financial statements will be publicly available on its website as per the requirements provided by self-regulatory organizations such as, but not limited to, the International Fact-Checking Network and the European Fact-Checkers Standards Network.


4.1 Logically Facts is dedicated to upholding a strict non-partisan approach in all its operations. We ensure that we have no commercial, institutional, or financial ties with any political figures, parties, or ideologically driven organizations. Our services are not available to such entities, nor do we permit our products or services to be utilized for political advertising purposes.

4.2 Every member of the Logically Facts team is bound by a contractual agreement that prohibits the public promotion of political parties, including membership in such entities.

4.3 Furthermore, Logically Facts staff are barred from publicly expressing any affiliation, support, or association with political parties, candidates, or politically aligned movements on social media. This includes the prohibition of posting, sharing, or endorsing political content. Staff members are also expected to avoid participating in or contributing to politically charged discussions about sensitive cultural or societal issues, where their contributions might suggest a political bias.

4.4 Additionally, all employees of Logically Facts are required to disclose any potential conflicts of interest that may impact their work on specific projects. They must assess whether their involvement in a project could compromise our reputation for maintaining non-partisanship and act accordingly to preserve the integrity and impartiality of our fact-checking mission.

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We rely on information to make meaningful decisions that affect our lives, but the nature of the internet means that misinformation reaches more people faster than ever before