Logically Facts partners with TikTok to raise awareness of misinformation in the Nordics

By: Logically Facts
February 5, 2024

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Logically Facts partners with TikTok to raise awareness of misinformation in the Nordics

Logically Facts, the leading, independent fact-checking unit of Logically, is today announcing the results of a joint in-app campaign with TikTok Nordics, which has helped raise awareness of harmful misinformation across the Nordics. The campaign follows the news of Logically Facts expanding its fact-checking coverage, which now includes Swedish and Danish languages. 

  • TikTok’s metrics for the in-app campaigns reveal that the Finnish videos have reached over 9 million views and the Swedish videos have reached 8 million views
  • Strengthens Finland and Sweden’s ability to combat mis- and disinformation and promote healthy public discourse 
  • News follows rapid expansion of Logically Facts’ fact-checking capabilities to Swedish and Danish languages

On December 20, TikTok Nordics and Logically Facts launched a joint in-app campaign to raise awareness of harmful misinformation. As part of the campaign, Logically Facts has rolled out a series of educational videos in TikTok’s app that share tips on how to detect and counteract incorrect and misleading information. These videos are accessed in the app when a user searches for terms in TikTok related to common misinformation topics, along with an information centre with helpful tips on media literacy. To this day, the campaign has reached over 8 million views across Finland, helping equip users with tools to reflect on and assess the content they see. 

Logically Facts is TikTok’s fact-checking partner in the Nordics, helping to assess whether claims are true, false, or unsubstantiated so that TikTok’s moderators can take the right action based on its Community Guidelines. This helps support TikTok's ongoing commitment according to the COPD (EU Code of Practice on Disinformation) that TikTok adheres to and helps equip TikTok’s community with tools to identify and assess harmful misinformation.

Baybars Orsek, Managing Director of Logically Facts, commented, “Fact-checking is not just about correcting misinformation; it's also a crucial part of building a democratic, fair, and informed society. At a time when misinformation can be a tool of political mobilisation, fact-checking becomes a crucial defence against the manipulation of facts and opinions. But to address the challenge of mis- and disinformation at scale, these efforts need to be complemented by helping people learn how to think critically and detect misinformation themselves. 

“Our campaign with TikTok is an important contribution to the momentum behind enhancing media literacy, but this should only just be the beginning. 2024 is going to be a vital year for democracy globally, and with new threats like Artificial Intelligence (AI) continually reshaping how we communicate and engage with one another, helping the public navigate an increasingly complex digital society must be a central priority in our community over the next 12 months.” 

The partnership comes after Logically Facts’ recent expansion of its fact-checking capabilities to Swedish and Danish languages having conducted fact-checks on a variety of different issues, from Denmark's bill to stop Quran burnings, to fact-checks on the EU/WHO partnership on digital health certification. The news is the latest milestone in the company’s growing multi-language coverage, with the company conducting 2250 fact-checks last year, conducting fact checks in seven different languages. In the coming months, Logically Facts is also set to launch further capabilities in the Russian and Ukrainian languages to address the growing mis- and disinformation targeting Eastern European nations, the West, and the Russian-speaking diaspora worldwide. 

Lorena Martínez, Head of Editorial Operations in Europe at Logically Facts, added: “While some progress has been made across the fact-checking community, conducting high-quality fact-checks addressing non-English speaking regions is still a major barrier to combatting mis- and disinformation at scale. Addressing this is particularly vital in regions like Scandinavia, where social media is becoming the primary source of news and disinformation campaigns are becoming increasingly common.

“By expanding its fact-checking capabilities to Swedish and Danish language, Logically Facts is now well-positioned to identify mis- and disinformation, publish timely fact-checks, and foster healthy public discourse across the region. With upcoming elections across Europe in 2024, this investment into fostering better online communities and countering the false information being spread on an international scale is vital for building a more informed public.”

Global Fact-Checks Completed

We rely on information to make meaningful decisions that affect our lives, but the nature of the internet means that misinformation reaches more people faster than ever before