Video of Biden at graduation event features altered audio

By: Ishita Goel
May 25 2023

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Video of Biden at graduation event features altered audio

The Verdict False

Raw footage of the event refutes the claim that derogatory chants were directed toward President Biden at the graduation ceremony.

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On May 15, 2023, United States President Joe Biden, with first lady Jill Biden, attended his granddaughter Maisy Biden's graduation at the University of Pennsylvania. Following this, a video of the Bidens sitting in the stands has gone viral, with the crowd seemingly chanting "F**k Joe Biden" in the background. Users claimed that people at the University heckled Biden with derogatory words. 

The clip went viral on Twitter, and a pro-Donald Trump account shared it, amplifying its reach. The video was also shared on TikTok.

However, this clip has been edited. No such chanting occurred at the event.

In Fact

We found an identical video on Twitter posted by an account called RNC Research posted on May 16, captioned, "After a leisurely mid-morning departure from the beach, Joe Biden — joined by Jill, Ed.D., and Hunter — attended his granddaughter's graduation ceremony." The Twitter account's bio states: "Exposing the lies, hypocrisy, and failed far-left policies of Joe Biden and the Democrat Party. Managed by the Republican National Committee." This video captures the same moment as the viral video, showing there was no heckling coming from the crowd, only music. 

Further, the University of Pennsylvania posted the complete video from the commencement, which also shows music being played, but no heckling from the crowd.

Similarly, no media organization at the event recorded or reported any such incident. Associated Press reported that Biden was one among the crowd; he sat with his family on the left side of the stage, apart from the rest of the audience. Some students even waved and took photos of him; in return, Biden waved back and pumped his fist. 

The Philadelphia Inquirer also published a report on the University's graduation day. It reported that the stadium cheered on Biden's entrance before the ceremony. The report also added that the crowd waved at him and took pictures with him. None of the reports mentioned any derogatory chants heard at the commencement. 

Logically Facts has also reached out to the University of Pennsylvania for clarification. This story will be updated if and when we receive a response.

The Verdict

The video of a crowd seemingly chanting "F**k Joe Biden" at the U.S. president while he was attending his granddaughter's graduation ceremony has been edited. Neither footage of the event from other sources nor news reports substantiate claims of any such incident. The footage has been altered, overlaying audio of a crowd jeering at Biden. Therefore, we have marked the claim as false. 

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