AI-generated image of Keir Starmer shared to suggest Labour no longer represents the working class

By: Arron Williams
June 17 2024

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AI-generated image of Keir Starmer shared to suggest Labour no longer represents the working class

Source: X


The Verdict Fake

This image of Keir Starmer surrounded by supporters is AI-generated and not of a genuine rally.

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An image with the Labour Party logo has been shared on X (formerly Twitter) and Facebook (archived here and here). It shows an old-fashioned photograph-styled image of white working-class men in caps. Below is an image of Keir Starmer surrounded by women in hijabs and non-white Labour supporters. 

Screen capture of the image posted by Tommy Robinson. (Source: X)

The image has been shared to suggest that Keir Starmer does not represent the working class.

GB News broadcaster Darren Grimes also shared the image on X with the caption "How has the Labour Party changed?" (archived here). Britain First's co-leader, Paul Golding, also reshared the image (archived here)

In fact

The image shared is AI-generated. Using reverse image search tools, no evidence could be found to suggest that the image of Keir Starmer was from a real event. The first instance of the image we could find was from April 2024 (archived here).

Tommy Robinson frequently shares inflammatory messages. In recent X posts, he has claimed, "The West is losing to Islam" (archived here), and in another stated," Vote @UKLabour to Islamise the U.K." (archived here). He has also shared other AI-generated images, including one of a miserable white girl in school wearing a Union flag jumper and non-white girls in hijabs sitting around her (archived here). Alongside the image, Robinson said, "It's time to decide what future you want for your daughters." 

This particular image shows clear signs of AI generation. The facial skin looks waxy and does not have the texture of real skin. This is most evident when you focus on Keir Starmer's face in the image. His eye sockets are also much darker and shadowed than they usually would appear. The shape of his head is also different in the AI-generated image, and when compared with Keir Starmer's actual face, the distinction is more obvious.

Comparison between Keir Starmer's official portrait (left) and the AI-generated Starmer (right). (Source: Wikimedia Commons/Chris McAndrew & X)

Another clue that the image is AI-generated is the signs the Labour supporters are holding. Although the background is heavily blurred, the signs do not match the standard Labour signs seen at rallies and in news photographs. The words on the signs vary drastically in length, are nonsensical, and have warped designs: all signs of generative AI. There is no uniformity in the signs.

The signs as seen in the background. Translucent text slides off the sign (top left) into open space, the text overlaps, and the sign has a warped square around the words that appear to say "Art."

Logically Facts has previously written a guide on how to detect AI-generated images, which provides tips and clues to look out for when suspecting images are AI-generated.

The verdict

The image is AI-generated and does not genuinely represent a Labour Party event. Therefore, we have marked this claim as fake.

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