Photo of Israeli actor Gal Gadot altered to claim she condemned Israel

By: Praveen Kumar
November 15 2023

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Photo of Israeli actor Gal Gadot altered to claim she condemned Israel

An edited image of Gal Gadot is being shared, claiming she stated that “ZIONISM is the new NAZISM” amid the ongoing Israel-Hamas war.


The Verdict Fake

The original image is from January 2018 and shows the Israeli actor holding a paper that says "#WeRemember."

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What is the claim?

Social media users have shared a digitally altered picture of actor Gal Gadot holding a card that reads “ZIONISM is the new NAZISM,” claiming that she has changed her stance on her country amid the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict. One of the captions shared along with the image claims she has “finally started to speak out the truth and state that Israel is a terrorist apartheid state.”

Posts spreading this photo have gained tens of thousands of views on X. Archived links can be found here, here, and here.

The viral image has received a huge engagement on social media. (Source: X/Screenhsots)

However, this is an edited image, and the Israeli actor has not changed her stance on the country of her birth.

What we found

A reverse image search of the viral photo led us to Gadot’s Instagram post from January 27, 2018, in which she holds a placard that reads “#WeRemember.” The caption of the image reads, “Today is Holocaust Remembrance Day. A day to honor the victims of the Holocaust. May we never forget. #WeRemember.”

Comparison of the original image shared by Gal Gadot on Instagram in 2018 and the viral image. (Source: Instagram/X/Screenshots)

There is no other similar photo of Gadot predating her Instagram post, nor one showing her with the message about Zionism. Details such as her black outfit and the background against which she is sitting are identical in both images. Following the Instagram post in 2018, websites like Jewish News reported that she faced backlash from pro-Palestinian supporters.

Gadot, who was born in Israel, has consistently been showing her support for her country since the Israel-Hamas conflict began. Instances of this can be observed in an Instagram post on October 8, 2023, which includes an image of the Star of David, captioned, “I stand with Israel you should too. The world cannot sit on the fence when these horrific acts of terror are happening!” 

The Los Angeles Times reports Gadot was involved in the organization of a private screening of graphic footage of Hamas’ attacks against Israel held at the city’s Museum of Tolerance on November 8. 

The verdict

An edited image of Israeli actor Gal Gadot has been shared to claim she has changed her stance and condemned Israel and Zionism amid the ongoing Israel-Hamas war. However, her recent social media posts and news reports indicate she has not changed her stance on her support for Israel. Therefore, we have marked this image as fake.

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