False: A satanic deep state is trafficking children and wants to create the New World Order.

By: Arron Williams
January 13 2023

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False: A satanic deep state is trafficking children and wants to create the New World Order.


The Verdict False

Claims of a satanic deep state are tied to the Qanon conspiracy theory, and there is no evidence to support it.

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A recent Facebook post with over 28,000 views and 700 likes shared a video that claims a so-called "Satanic Elite" is running the world and operating behind the scenes, especially in the United States. The video makes various other claims, including that this group wants to establish the New World Order, that it traffics human children, and uses mind control technology to shape our world.

In Fact

The video's claims are baseless and have no evidence to support the claims of a deep state satanic pedophile ring. 

The claim that a pedophilic satanic deep state or "cabal" controls the world and traffics children is connected to the Qanon conspiracy theory. According to a 2021 BBC article, the Qanon conspiracy theory is completely unfounded and began in 2017, following a series of anonymous posts on the website 4chan by a user called "Q," who claimed to have high-level U.S. security clearance. The theory holds that a satanic elite in the government, media, and business are involved in pedophilia and child trafficking, although there is no evidence to support these claims. 

The video possesses no concrete evidence and instead blends a variety of contextless clips, videos, and images into a collage to convey that a satanic conspiracy is occurring.

For example, one clip shows singer Katy Perry wearing a set of light-up devil horns at a concert while claiming that the end goal of the cabal is to control the world. There is no wider context to this, but the implication is that celebrities are involved with this satanic cabal. This is also related to the known New World Order conspiracy, which has been frequently debunked. There is no evidence to link Perry to a shadow government or a satanic conspiracy. 

The video also shows a milk carton with an image of a missing boy, Johnny Gosch, a child who disappeared in Iowa in 1982. He was believed to be kidnapped, but the case is now considered cold. The claim that missing children cases are actually the deep state kidnapping children to traffic is frequently circulated within Qanon conspiracies. As mentioned in a report by the Anti-Trafficking Review, contrary to claims by Qanon, most human trafficking victims are not kidnapped; instead, the majority are victims of fraud, deception, force, and sometimes familial or romantic relationships. No evidence links Johnny Gosch's case to wider claims about a satanic cabal trafficking children. 

Another clip is taken from an interview with Prince Andrew, who has been accused of pedophilia and linked to convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein. However, while some elites and powerful figures do engage in sexual abuse and pedophilic crimes, this is not evidence of a deep state trafficking operation, and it simplifies the very real issue of how abuses of power enable such crimes.

In an explainer on the New World Order, the Institute for Strategic Dialogue describes how the conspiracy theory believes that microchips or surveillance technology will be used to enslave humanity. However, there is no evidence that mind control technology which can erase memories exists. 

The Verdict

The claims in the video are linked to the known Qanon and New World Order conspiracies and are unsubstantiated. Therefore, we have marked this claim as false.

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