False: Bats are blind.

By: Harshitha B
May 27 2021

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False: Bats are blind.


The Verdict False

Bats have small eyes and sensitive vision but are not blind.

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Bats have small eyes and sensitive vision but are not blind. Contrary to myth, bats aren't blind. In fact, they have small eyes with very sensitive vision. This helps bats see in pitch-black darkness. They don't see color and have a sharp vision like humans, but it is not needed. Bat hunt in the dark using echolocation i.e. echoes of self-produced sounds bouncing off objects, a process that helps them navigate. However, there are circumstances when bats may prefer to use eyesight rather than sound when hunting. For instance, many fruit bats don't echolocate. These species have extremely sharp vision and some can even see ultraviolet light. In fact, some of the larger, fruit-eating bats have vision almost 3 times better than humans.

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