False: Bill Gates' account is suspended on Twitter.

By: Gayathri Loka
May 4 2022

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False: Bill Gates' account is suspended on Twitter.


The Verdict False

An altered image of Bill Gates Twitter account was posted on social media to make it appear his account had been suspended. Gate's account is active.

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Since Elon Musk acquired Twitter on April 25, 2022, there have been various social media claims regarding celebrities joining or leaving the platform. On the same day, social media posts claimed that Bill Gates had been suspended from Twitter after Musk's acquisition. The post shows a screenshot of Gates' alleged Twitter account with his handle "@BillGates" and a disclaimer saying that the account is suspended as it violated Twitter rules. Gates' official account is still active. On April 26, Gates posted at least three tweets regarding a TED Talk and the requirement for vaccines. The image in question has been digitally altered to make it appear that Gates' account was suspended. According to the Twitter Rules, an account is suspended if its in violation of Twitter rules relating to spam or abusive behavior, or if the account is at risk. Once suspended, the account will be removed from view, and the user will not be allowed to create other accounts. According to The Guardian, the following accounts were banned from Twitter before Musk's acquisition: Donald Trump, David Icke, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Alex Jones, Milo Yiannopoulos, and others. These accounts were banned for various reasons, including spreading misinformation, hateful conduct, and other violations of the company's rules.

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