Bill Gates did not launch 'maggot milk' called EntoMilk

By: Iryna Hnatiuk
July 4 2024

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Bill Gates did not launch 'maggot milk' called EntoMilk

Bill Gates did not launch ‘Maggot Milk’ called EntoMilk


The Verdict False

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation confirmed that it has no involvement with EntoMilk.

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A claim (archived here) that Bill Gates has introduced a new product - maggot milk called EntoMilk - is gaining popularity on Facebook. Social media users have expressed disgust with the product and what they see as Gates's "latest human experiment." One of the posts was reshared over 180 times on Facebook (archived here), while another had almost 100 likes on Instagram (archived here)

While EntoMilk is a real product, it was invented years ago by a company based in South Africa. Neither Bill Gates nor the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation are involved in the product.

The social media publications include a screenshot of the article (archived here) published on Slay News under the headline "Bill Gates Launches 'Maggot Milk' to Feed General Public." Slay News is a known misinformation site with a history of publishing false and misleading articles. The article refers to "the promotional video for EntoMilk revealed by Infowars' Alex Jones" as the source of information. The conspiracy website Infowars and its author, Alex Jones, appear to be the source of information about the connection between EntoMilk and Bill Gates. 

The article on the Infowars website. (Source: Infowars, screenshot) 

In fact

The Gates Foundation's portfolio doesn't include information about Maggot Milk or Entomilk. 

Media relations for the Gates Foundation confirmed to Logically Facts that the claim about EntoMilk as their product is "false."

Online research reveals that EntoMilk was introduced by Gourmet Grubb, a South African company that originated in 2017. According to a CNN article from 2019, Gourmet Grubb's "luxury ice cream uses EntoMilk, a dairy alternative made by blending the larvae of a tropical insect known as the black solider fly." It was only released in South Africa. In June 2019, the company started an eatery called The Insect Experience, which served insect-based food in Cape Town, South Africa.

Gourmet Grubb published EntoMilk's presentation on their YouTube page six years ago.

At the time of writing, the Gourmet Grubb website is unavailable, and the company's Instagram page has remained inactive since 2020.

The verdict

EntoMilk was presented several years ago by Gourmet Grubb, a South African company. Bill Gates and The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation were not involved and have no relation to the product. Therefore, we have marked the claim as false.

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