False: Covid-19 vaccinations cause AIDs, weaken immune systems, and cause other forms of harm.

By: Arron Williams
September 28 2022

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False: Covid-19 vaccinations cause AIDs, weaken immune systems, and cause other forms of harm.


The Verdict False

Previous fact checks by Logically show that there is no evidence that Covid-19 vaccines cause AIDs or weaken immune systems. The claims are false.

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An article by the Truth for Health Foundation, published in April 2022 makes a variety of known false claims about covid vaccinations. The original article is from the known anti-vax site The Exposé and was posted to the Truth for Health Foundation. The article draws quotes from an American lawyer called Todd Callender who made the claims in ‘Session 97: Open Secrets’ of the Corona Investigative Committee. The claim has recently been doing the rounds on Meta again.

The article makes the claim that everyone who has received a covid-19 vaccination was given some form of AIDS and that the vaccine lowers and destroys natural immunity. 

In Fact

The claim that COVID-19 vaccines cause AIDs has previously been fact-checked by Logically and found to be false. Two fact checks looked into claims made by The Exposé that UK government data shows fully vaccinated people developed AIDs. The checks show there is no basis for the claims with one of the checks stating that;

 “HIV is the only possible cause of AIDS. The UKHSA, who supplied the data misused by The Daily Exposé, has stated unequivocally that vaccination against COVID-19 does not cause AIDS.”

COVID-19 vaccines do not cause immunosuppression- AKA, a decline in immune function leaving a person vulnerable to opportunistic infections. No clinical data suggests that COVID-19 vaccines or their booster counterparts cause the human immune system to degrade, leaving people vulnerable to deadly infections like HIV. COVID-19 vaccines enable the human immune system to better equip and defend itself from future COVID-19 infections.

The post makes further claims about how excess deaths are related to sudden adult death syndrome which is caused by covid-19 vaccines. These claims have previously been debunked by Logically, with no evidence suggesting the covid vaccine is the cause. The post also falsely links the vaccine to 5g, claiming 5g activates harmful diseases placed in the body by the vaccine, which has been marked as false in a previous fact check.

The Exposé, where the article is originally from, is known to push anti-vax conspiracies and misrepresent data from official sources. Several previous fact checks by Logically have investigated claims made by The Exposé and found them to be false or misleading. Logically has extensively debunked covid-19 vaccine misinformation.

The verdict

There is no basis for the claims that vaccines cause aids or weaken natural immunity. Through a variety of past fact checks by Logically, the claims about COVID-19 vaccines have been debunked. Therefore, we have marked this claim as false.

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