London Mayor Sadiq Khan did not sign a policy to restrict meat consumption to '44 grams' a day by 2030

By: Ankita Kulkarni
June 14 2024

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London Mayor Sadiq Khan did not sign a policy to restrict meat consumption to '44 grams' a day by 2030

A screenshot of viral post claiming that Sadiq Khan has signed up to restrict Londoners’ meat consumption to 44 grams a day by 2030. (Source: Facebook/Screenshot/Modified by Logically Facts)


The Verdict False

London Mayor Sadiq Khan has not signed any such policy. The claim stems from a website that propagates climate change denial.

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What is the claim?

A video circulating on Facebook claims that London's Mayor Sadiq Khan has signed a policy to implement a "Planetary Health Diet by 2030," under which people can only eat 44 grams of meat a day. The video (archived here) features June Slater, known for spreading misinformation, saying, "Well, I was just reading an article in The Daily Sceptic where Mayor Khan, Sadiq Khan, has signed nine million Londoners to a new planetary diet by 2030 where you will only be allowed to have 44 grams of meat per day. I wonder how that will play out in Mayor Khan's house." 

This video is also being shared on X (formerly Twitter), and archived versions can be viewed here and here.

Screenshot of social media posts sharing the viral clip. (Source: Facebook/X/Screenshot/Modified by Logically Facts)

The claim is being shared in the context of people regularly critiquing Sadiq Khan for his
climate change policies. The planetary health diet is one such thing that is opposed by climate change deniers. The proposal was introduced by the EAT-Lancet Commission, which advocates optimal diets for human health and environmental sustainability. It emphasizes a plant-based diet with meat and dairy products in smaller proportions. 

However, the claim about Sadiq Khan is incorrect and unsubstantiated.

What are the facts?

We looked into the article published by The Daily Sceptic (archived here) on October 17, 2023, as quoted in the viral clip, and found that it provides no source or evidence for its claims about Khan's alleged policy on meat consumption. The Daily Sceptic is a blog run by a British commentator, Toby Young, who has previously spread misinformation on COVID-19 and climate change

The article does not report when or where such a policy was signed or announced. Instead, it refers to a 2019 report published by the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group. It describes itself as a network of global mayors that addresses city challenges and "unique climate risks they confront." The network is co-chaired by Khan.

The report detailed food-related consumption-based emissions across C40 cities, highlighting what cities can do to reduce them for better public health. The analysis did set an "ambitious" target of "0kg" meat and dairy consumption by 2030, which can be viewed on page 78 of the report.

Screenshot of the report mentioning the target of "0kg" meat and dairy consumption by 2030. 
(Source: C40 Knowledge Hub/Screenshot)

However, page 68 states, "This report does not advocate for the wholesale adoption of these more ambitious targets in C40 cities; rather, they are included to provide a set of reference points that cities, and other actors, can reflect on when considering different emission-reduction alternatives and long-term urban visions."

Screenshot of the report (Source: C40 Knowledge Hub/Screenshot)  

The report clearly shows that the targets stated are only reference points and does not call on mayors to implement policy changes to meet those targets.

Logically Facts also contacted the mayor's office for clarification on whether Khan plans on signing or introducing plans to implement such policies on limiting meat consumption. We were redirected to the C40 cities group, and a response will be added to this check as and when we receive it.

The verdict
There is no evidence to corroborate the claim that London Mayor Sadiq Khan has signed any policy limiting meat consumption to up to 44 grams a day by 2030. The claim has emerged from a website that is known to disseminate climate change denial. 

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