No, Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs was not executed at Guantanamo Bay

By: Rajini KG
January 17 2024

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No, Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs was not executed at Guantanamo Bay

Screenshot of the Facebook posts. (Source: Facebook/Modified y Logically Facts)


The Verdict False

Arizona Governor Kathleen Marie Hobbs is alive. The story about her alleged execution was published by a website known to spread misinformation.

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What is the claim?

A screenshot purporting to be a news story titled "Katie Hobbs hanged at GITMO" is being widely circulated on social media. Authored by Michael Baxter on December 25, 2023, the report seen in the screenshot alleges that Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs was "executed" at the U.S. military prison Guantanamo Bay (GITMO). This screenshot was notably shared on Facebook, with archived posts accessible here and here.

Screenshot of the Facebook posts. (Source: Facebook/Modified y Logically Facts)

However, this claim is unfounded. The viral story originated from Real Raw News, a website notorious for spreading misinformation.

Here are the facts

A Google search for "Katie Hobbs hanged at GITMO" led us to a Real Raw News article dated December 5, 2023. It falsely claimed Hobbs was guilty of conspiracy to commit murder and election fraud, and was executed on December 22, 2023. Real Raw News, previously fact-checked by Logically Facts, often blurs the line between satire, parody, and genuine news, leading to misinformation.

Our analysis has shown that the website does not clarify or specify which articles are satire and which are 'informational and educational,’ which often misleads the reader.

Additionally, no credible news outlets or government reports support the claim of Governor Hobbs being convicted or executed on such charges.

Moreover, Governor Hobbs remains active in her official capacity. A January 11, 2024, video on her YouTube channel, 'Governor Katie Hobbs,' titled “Governor Hobbs' 2024 Inter Tribal Association of Arizona State of the State Address,” shows her discussing healthcare and broadband in tribal regions.

Screenshot of the YouTube video. (Source: YouTube/Screenshot)

Hobb’s official X (formerly Twitter) account shows that her latest activity on the platform was on January 16, 2024, when she posted about participating in the MLK (Martin Luther King Jr) march held on January 16, 2024, in Arizona.

This shows that she was very much alive and in public service, contrary to the claim made in the viral article.

The verdict

The claim that Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs was executed at Guantanamo Bay is baseless, propagated by a screenshot from a disreputable source. Governor Hobbs is alive and actively serving in public office. Therefore, we have marked this claim as false.

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