No, Disney is not opening themed pediatric transgender clinics for children

By: Rajini KG
July 14 2023

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No, Disney is not opening themed pediatric transgender clinics for children


The Verdict False

The man in the video is not a Disney executive as he claims. The speech being shared as the source of the claim is satirical.

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A video is being shared on Facebook with the claim that Disney is pushing a "transgender ideology onto children" by setting up new "pediatric transgender clinics for children" in the U.S. 

A Facebook reel (archive here) shared by multiple users shows a man, who claims to be Alan Bergman, the co-chair of Disney Entertainment, saying: "This summer, we are going to be opening Disney-themed pediatric transgender clinics for the children across the country." The reel was shared with a caption to "Cancel Disney." 

However, the claim is false. A satirical video has been shared with a false claim.

In Fact

Through a reverse image search, we found that the video was taken from a meeting held by the City Council in Oceanside, California, on June 21, 2023. The non-profit public-access channel KOCT published a video of the council meeting on their YouTube channel. The viral clip appears to have been taken from this video at 3:26:29.

The viral clip was also uploaded to a YouTube channel called 'Mark Dice,' published on June 28, 2023, titled "Disney's Creepy New Plans for Kids." The description of the video states, "At a California city council meeting posing as Disney executive Alan Bergman, YouTuber Mark Dice gives a satirical speech about what the company is planning next." The description also states, "While it's "just" satire, is it really that far from the actual truth?"

Logically Facts cross-checked the picture of Alan Bergman, Co-Chairman of Disney Entertainment, on Disney's official website. However, he is distinctly different from the person seen speaking about Disney's alleged plans in the viral video. Bergman was not present at the Oceanside Council meeting on June 21, 2023. The man in the viral video is conservative YouTuber Mark Dice, who has often shared conspiracy theories online. The 'About' version of Mark Dice's YouTube channel states that he "mocks celebrity scum" and "exposes the Liberal Media Industrial Complex." 

According to the Oceanside City Council website, any member of the public can attend the council meeting on two Wednesdays monthly. Any individual who wishes to speak during the meeting must fill out the "Request to Speak" form, and they can talk for three minutes. The longer video of the meeting shows multiple other people coming up to the mic and speaking about various issues.

We also cross-checked the Walt Disney Company's press releases and social media accounts and found no plans to open "pediatric transgender clinics." In March 2022, Disney vocally supported its LGBTQIA+ community employees and celebrated June 2023 as Pride Month.

The Verdict

The person in the viral video is a YouTuber giving a satirical speech impersonating a Disney executive. Disney has not made any such announcement on opening pediatric transgender clinics. Therefore, we have marked this claim as false.

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