No, Mark Zuckerberg did not admit to ingesting adrenochrome

By: Arron Williams
July 19 2023

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No, Mark Zuckerberg did not admit to ingesting adrenochrome


The Verdict False

Mark Zuckerberg did not make a Facebook post where he admitted to consuming adrenochrome. The photo was taken in Hawaii and not on Epstein's Island.

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An image of an alleged Facebook post by Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg has been shared by social media users on TikTok. The post shows Zuckerberg on a beach with the location set as Jeffery Epstein’s island, Little St James. An accompanying caption, allegedly by Zuckerberg, states that he has ingested adrenochrome and observed its extraction from “smaller participants.”

The image has been shared with the claim that Zuckerberg went to Epstein’s island and admitted to consuming adrenochrome harvested from children. 

In Fact

The photo of Zuckerberg was not taken on Little St James, and there is no evidence that Zuckerberg posted it on Facebook. Claims about the consumption of adrenochrome are a known conspiracy theory connected to antisemitism and QAnon. 

Logically Facts found the same photo in a 2012 New York Daily News article, which states that the photo was taken in Hawaii that same year, where Zuckerberg and his wife celebrated Christmas. The image of Zuckerberg was not taken on Little St James.

The alleged post could not be found on Mark Zuckerberg’s official account, nor is there any evidence that Zuckerberg has ever claimed to have consumed adrenochrome. Furthermore, a spokesperson for Facebook also told The in 2020, that the post was not published on Zuckerberg’s profile. Therefore, the post is not genuine.

The digital culture magazine Wired explains that the adrenochrome conspiracy claims that global elites, often celebrities, torture and traffic children to harvest adrenochrome from their blood, which they consume to stay young and healthy. The adrenochrome conspiracy is tied to the antisemitic “blood libel” myth that claims Jewish people secretly feed on babies. The adrenochrome conspiracy is also widely perpetuated among QAnon communities. However, no evidence supports the conspiracy, and Logically Facts has previously debunked several adrenochrome claims. 

Videos on TikTok that share the false Zuckerberg post have also shown it alongside audio from the QAnon film Fall of the Cabal. According to the Anti-Defamation League, the “documentary” was created by Dutch conspiracy theorist Janet Ossebaard who claims that the global elite who control the world have fallen. It is a popular recruitment tool for QAnon followers, pushing anti-vax, medical, and antisemitic conspiracy theories. 

The QAnon conspiracy is unfounded and holds the belief that an evil satanic Deep State controls the world and that celebrities and politicians are involved in a secret global child trafficking operation. Logically Facts has covered QAnon extensively and found no evidence to support any claims made by proponents of the conspiracy. 

The Verdict

The photo was not taken on Epstein’s island, nor did Zuckerberg post this on Facebook. These claims are related to the known and debunked adrenochrome conspiracy theory. Therefore, we have marked this claim as false.

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