No, the Australian government isn't killing bees to increase government control and wipe out pollination

By: Arron Williams
May 12 2023

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No, the Australian government isn't killing bees to increase government control and wipe out pollination


The Verdict False

Bee hives have been euthanized to prevent the spread of the parasitic varroa mites. It is not evidence of a nefarious plot to remove independence.

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A video shared on Instagram claims that the Australian government is killing bees to increase government control, wipe out pollination, and prevent people from eating. It claims the government is targeting healthy bees not afflicted with varroa mites.

The post includes text claiming that the government is killing the bees to make people dependent on the government and take away their freedom to live independently. Alongside the text is the hashtag #nwo which stands for “New World Order.” The video has over 40,000 views.

In Fact

There is no evidence that the Australian government is killing bees to wipe out pollination, stop people from eating, or remove people’s independence. While it is true that Australia has implemented measures to euthanize bee hives, it is a preventative measure to stop the spread of parasitic varroa mites that kill bees and negatively impact pollination.

As reported by the BBC, Australia was originally the only continent free of varroa mites, but in June 2022, they were found at a port near Sydney. Varroa mites threaten bees worldwide and weaken or kill hives by feasting on bees and transmitting viruses.

As explained by Outbreak, a website developed by the Australian government to provide information on emergency plant and animal pest incursions, on July 8, 2022, a National Response Plan was initiated to eradicate varroa mites following the detection in New South Wales. Over 100 premises are infested with the parasite, and 20,000 hives have been destroyed as part of the program.

To control the outbreak, biosecurity measures have been put in place. Hives within 10km of infested locations are destroyed to prevent the mites from spreading, while hives within 25km are monitored in a surveillance emergency zone. Other measures include the prevention of the movement of hives out of eradication and surveillance zones. Furthermore, if varroa mites were to establish themselves in Australia, it would result in the loss of feral honey bee nests, significantly impacting pollination and crop production.

As reported in an article by the New York Times, these measures were also implemented to protect Australia’s honey industry, which was projected to lose more than $70 million dollars if the mites established themselves in the country. Past varroa mite incursions occurred in 2016, 2019, and 2020 but were considered successfully eradicated. There is no evidence that measures to destroy bee hives are part of a nefarious government plan to reduce the independence of the country’s citizens.

The Instagram post links these claims to the known and frequently debunked New World Order conspiracy theory. As the Institute for Strategic Dialogue explains, the theory asserts that a global elite or shadow government is trying to implement a one-world power and control the masses. Logically Facts has previously checked a variety of New World Order conspiracy theories, finding no evidence to support them. 

The Verdict

The bee-killing measures are part of Australia's emergency plan to eradicate parasitic varroa mites. There is no evidence that it is part of a plan by the New World Order or to remove independence from citizens. Therefore, we have marked this claim as false.

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