No, this video does not show a transport vehicle going to Israel

By: Emincan Yüksel
November 6 2023

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No, this video does not show a transport vehicle going to Israel

Source: TikTok/Facebook/Screenshot


The Verdict False

The video is from 2018, and the transport vehicle belongs to a company traveling from Kazakhstan to Uzbekistan. .

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Amid the outbreak of war between Israel and Hamas since October 7, fake videos concerning materials, weapons, bombs, and missiles continue to spread.

On October 12, 2023, a social media account in Türkiye shared a post on Facebook with a video claiming to depict a transport vehicle going to Israel. The video received more than 2 million views and 31,000 likes in a month.

A TikTok video shared on Facebook claiming to show equipment being transported to Israel. (Source: TikTok/Facebook/Screenshot)

This video was shared with the caption, "The target is Israel, let's hope for the best, don't miss your prayers (translated from Turkish)." 

There is no explanation in the post and no additional information about this in the text; it is merely described as a "transport vehicle" in the title and claim section. 

In fact

A reverse image search using keyframes from the video reveals that it was originally posted on YouTube on 13 December 2018. The channel Heavy Transport (O.Y) uploaded it with the caption, "Sularry hopper for natural gas station Kazakhstan to Uzbekistan (sic)." In addition, the name of the transportation company clearly appears on the vehicle in the video as Çaba & Misnak Logistics Company.

A screenshot of the original video uploaded to YouTube in 2018. (Source: YouTube/Screenshot)

A search on YouTube for the phrase "Slurry Hopper" leads to another video by CJ Logistics from 2019, featuring the same slurry hopper video. The video description reads "Heaviest cargo ever transported to Uzbekistan," and lists further specifications regarding the project.

A screenshot of CJ Logistics video uploaded to YouTube in 2019. (Source: YouTube/Screenshot)

A search of reliable news sources did not reveal any reports or news that the transport vehicle or missile in the video had gone to Israel.

The same video was shared in 2022 during the Russian invasion of Ukraine, with the words "Putin is not joking people... the work is done... Serious," and claim that it was a Russian attack missile.

The verdict

This video does not show a transport vehicle or missile going to Israel. It is from 2018, and the transport vehicle carrying the slurry hopper in the video belongs to the Çaba & Misnak Logistics Company, traveling between Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. Therefore, we have marked this claim false.

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