No, this video doesn't show an Algerian convoy entering Niger

By: Sam Doak
August 8 2023

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No, this video doesn't show an Algerian convoy entering Niger


The Verdict False

This video was recorded in Algeria in 2022.

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On July 26, 2023, Niger's elected government was overthrown in a coup orchestrated by elements within the country's armed forces. Shortly after this event, regional international bodies, including the African Union and Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), denounced the actions of the new junta.


The situation in Niger has the potential to develop into a regional conflict. An ultimatum issued by ECOWAS demanding the restoration of Niger's civilian government went unanswered on Sunday, raising fears of military intervention.


Against this backdrop, significant attention has been dedicated to aligning regional powers. For its part, Algeria has staked out a position in opposition to intervention in Niger, with the country's President, Abdelmadjid Tebboune, stating, "A military intervention could ignite the whole Sahel region, and Algeria will not use force with its neighbors."


While this would appear to contradict Tebboune's statement, Algeria's position has led to some speculation online that it may lend military support to Niger should it enter into a conflict with its neighbors. In this context, a video has been widely shared by TikTok users. Captioned "Welcome to Niger Algerian army arrived in Niger today, August 05, 2023," it shows a collection of armored vehicles traveling in a column.


Despite a significant number of social media users believing this footage shows Algerian troops entering Niger, Logically Facts has determined this is not the case.


In Fact


Noting that the footage resembled a military parade, Logically Facts searched for coverage of such events in Algeria. These inquiries led us to an X (formerly Twitter) video posted on July 5, 2022, showing Algeria's celebrations marking 60 years of independence.



A comparison of the video in question and the footage found on X makes it clear that they were filmed in the same location. The overhead signage and utility pylons in the background match, confirming it is the same place. To ensure the video was filmed in Algeria, Logically Facts reviewed footage of the N11 highway, part of the route of the independence day parade in Algeria's capital, Algiers. The format of the road signage and construction of electricity pylons and street lights closely matched.


Coverage published by Africa News sheds more light on the event shown in the video, stating, "During the celebration on Tuesday, Algerian flags flew from buildings across the country, and patriotic songs rang out from loudspeakers. Warplanes whizzed overhead, just as armored vehicles rolled through central Algiers, during the parade."


The Verdict


This video does not show Algerian troops entering Niger. It was filmed in Algeria in 2022, during Algeria's celebrations of its 60th year of independence. This claim has therefore been marked as false.

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