No, video doesn't show Americans celebrating Trump's mugshot release

By: Rajini KG
August 25 2023

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No, video doesn't show Americans celebrating Trump's mugshot release


The Verdict False

The video of fans watching the Euro 2016 football match in Bristol has been digitally manipulated.

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Former U.S. President Donald Trump was arrested in the state of Georgia on allegations of plotting to overthrow the government after the 2020 election results on August 24, and his first mugshot image was released after his arrest was registered. He was later released from the Atlanta jail after paying a $200,000 (£160,000) bail bond, BBC reported.

On August 25, an X user (@piyushmittal) shared a video (archive here) of a CNN News report on Trump's mugshot being broadcast on a screen in a pub, with the caption: "The country erupted with cheers of joy when the criminal's mugshot was released. The start of accountability at last. #LockHimUp #TrumpMugShotDay #Trump #TrumpArraignment #TrumpMugShot." The post had 107,300 views and 1,746 likes. The video was also shared on Facebook and YouTube with a similar narrative.

Screengrab of viral posts (Source:X/@piyushmittal/@ProjectLincoln)

However, the claim is false. 

In fact

A reverse image search on a keyframe from the video led us to a video posted a YouTube channel called "Heart News West Country" on June 17, 2016. The caption reads, "Fans at Ashton Gate Stadium, Bristol, celebrate England winner against Wales at Euro 2016 (sic)." We can observe that the posters on the wall and screen and service counter match the viral video. The big screen shows a football game, not a CNN news broadcast on Trump's arrest in Georgia.

Comparison of YouTube video and Viral video (Source: YouTube/Heart News West Country,X/@ProjectLincoln)

On June 17, 2016, similar footage of this celebration, taken from a different angle, was uploaded on Bristol Sport's YouTube channel. The description reads that thousands of football fans gathered at the Ashton Gate Stadium to watch the England vs Wales game. Bristol City Football Club website also had the footage from Ashton Gate Stadium. 

According to CBS, when England won the football game against Wales on June 16, 2016,  fans in Bristol pub celebrated the win by throwing the beer into the air. It has cited the viral video in its report. 

This is not the first time the screen in this video has been edited to support a misleading narrative. This video had gone viral in January 2023 with the claim that the crowd was celebrating the resignation of New Zealand’s Former Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern. You can read this fact-check here.

The verdict 

2016 video of fans celebrating England's in the 2016 Euro's was altered to show Americans celebrating Trump's arrest and release of his mugshot. Therefore, we rate this claim as false.

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