No, World Economic Forum chairman Klaus Schwab is not a generated illusion

By: Christian Haag
May 28 2024

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No, World Economic Forum chairman Klaus Schwab is not a generated illusion

Screenshot of a social media post claiming WEF chairman Klaus Schwab is a generated illusion. (Source: Screenshot/Facebook)


The Verdict False

There is substantial video and photographic evidence proving that Klaus Schwab is a real person and not a generated illusion.

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Following the news that Klaus Schwab has resigned as Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum, false claims have begun to circulate about him. One such claim, shared on Facebook and Instagram, states that Klaus Schwab is a generated illusion. 

The post states: "Klaus Schwab is just another generated illusion like Osama Bin Laden, like the current version of Elon Musk. Without these 'characters' the 'stories' can't exist. When have you ever seen Schwab out in the streets or surrounded by thousands? You don't. You only ever see him on a 'stage' or being interviewed where his character tells you what they want you to hear…just like Agenda 2030, the WEF and all your understanding of it wouldn't exist without the illusion that is Klaus Schwab."

The claim is false, and Schwab is a real person.

In fact

There is no evidence that Schwab is a generated illusion. A significant amount of footage showing him exists, not solely of him not on stage but also in less organized settings. These include a 16-year-old video of Schwab giving a tour of the WEF Headquarters in Geneva on the organization's YouTube page. Similarly, in this footage from the Associated Press four years ago, Schwab is seen walking through a doorway in Davos, Switzerland, with Angela Merkel. 

Schwab has also previously appeared in various interviews with TV stations during his time as chair of the WEF, including in this video interview with the Indian television network RepublicWorld five years ago.

Schwab is a common target for false claims and disinformation. Snopes recently debunked the claim that he had been hospitalized, while Reuters debunked a false quote attributed to Schwab at the 2024 World Governments Summit earlier this year. The Cube at Euronews also recently refuted the claim that Schwab had passed away. 

"These claims are entirely made up," a spokesperson for the World Economic Forum told Logically Facts. "Unfortunately, many organizations and individuals are seeing a rise in mis- and disinformation, including the World Economic Forum."


Significant video evidence refutes the claim that Klaus Schwab is a generated illusion. He is a real person. Therefore, we have marked this claim as false.

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