Brazil police chase video shared as terrorist arrest in Kashmir

By: Umme Kulsum
July 19 2023

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Brazil police chase video shared as terrorist arrest in Kashmir


The Verdict False

This video is from Pérola, Paraná, in Brazil and has nothing to do with Kashmir.

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An old and unrelated video of a police chase is being peddled online with false claims showing a terrorist being arrested in Srinagar, Kashmir. The viral footage shows cops pursuing a man and knocking him off his motorbike as he attempts to flee. Twitter user Sanjay Fadnavis shared the video (archive here) with the caption, “In Srinagar, Kashmir, a terrorist was pinned down with one kick on his chest by an Indian soldier before the terrorist could remove something from his chest.” 

The post gained over 14.7K views with more than 400 likes. The video has also gained traction on Facebook (archive here).

The footage, however, is from Brazil's Pérola and was shot in August 2021. 

In Fact

A Google reverse image search by Logically Facts led us to reports by Brazilian news outlets with the same footage as the viral video. An article by G1, a Brazilian news portal that carried the video, reported that the footage was shot on August 1, 2021, when the Military Police (PM) asked a 17-year-old biker to stop, but he refused and attempted to flee. 

We found the longer version of the viral video posted on Daily Motion with a description in Portuguese which, when translated to English, states, “After a police chase, teenager collides motorcycle against PM vehicle and falls to the ground, and ends up detained.” According to a report by OBemdito, the teenager was sent to the Civil Police Station for dangerous driving and disobedience.

We could also geolocate the location of the incident by using clues from the news reports. We found that the video was probably shot on a street in Pérola city. Although the video is not of good quality, around the 0:10 timestamp in the viral video, we can see a shop in the right corner with a red poster above the shop’s shutter, and a street light opposite the shop. We were able to locate the identical store with the same street light and the poster on Google Earth and discovered that it is a supermarket, named 'Roncolato' on Av. Doná Pérola Byington, 2376 street in Perola city.

The Verdict

The video shows the local police in Brazil apprehending a young motorist. It has no connection with Srinagar or Kashmir. Therefore, we mark this claim as false.

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