Old video used to claim pro-Palestine marchers planned to protest at the Cenotaph on Armistice Day

By: Sam Doak
November 17 2023

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Old video used to claim pro-Palestine marchers planned to protest at the Cenotaph on Armistice Day

Source: Facebook


The Verdict False

This video does not mention the Cenotaph, and was referring to a protest that occurred two weeks prior to Armistice Day.

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On November 11, 2023, demonstrators marched in London to appeal for a ceasefire in Israel and Gaza amid widespread tensions, fueled in part by the then-Home Secretary Suella Braverman’s characterization of such events as “hate marches.” Braverman unsuccessfully called for this particular protest to be prohibited on the basis that it was planned to coincide with Armistice Day.

The timing of Saturday’s March contributed to widespread claims that demonstrators were planning to have a presence at the Cenotaph, a memorial dedicated to soldiers killed in service of the United Kingdom and British Empire. This resulted in some far-right groups and commentators urging their supporters to defend the monument. 

Against this backdrop, a video originally shared on TikTok circulated on X and Facebook, with users claiming it proved marchers had planned to demonstrate at the Cenotaph. In this video, a man is shown standing in front of Embankment station, stating that a march to Downing Street will be held on the coming Saturday. 

One Facebook user summarized the narrative that has since been attached to this video, stating, “So they are! Planning on hitting Whitehall & the cenotaph on Saturday. These vile mobs are promoting terror & Anti Semitism in Britain & we must might them. The silent majority must act decisively & with courage or these marxist morons will turn Britain into a wasteland (sic).” 

Ultimately, a contingent of far-right activists made an appearance at the cenotaph in a purported attempt to protect the monument. Despite this, the video cited as evidence of a plan to protest at the site on the part of pro-Palestine activists was referring to a different day entirely. 

In fact 

While the cenotaph is not mentioned in the video in question, it is in general proximity to the area described by the man on camera. While this is the case, this video does not prove demonstrators were planning to protest near the monument during Armistice Day. 

A reverse image search reveals that this video was uploaded to TikTok on October 25. From this, it can be concluded that the person speaking is referring to a march that occurred on Saturday, October 28. Armistice Day occurred on November 11, a full two weeks after this date. 

There is no evidence that organizers of the march on November 11 planned to demonstrate at or near the cenotaph.

In advance of the march on November 11, organizers released information pertaining to their planned route, detailing that it would move from Hyde Park to the American embassy. At no point was the protest scheduled to pass the Cenotaph. 

The verdict 

This outdated video referred to a protest that occurred on October 28, two weeks before Armistice Day. This claim has, therefore, been marked as false.

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