Scene from 1994 movie shared as Crimea bridge attack

By: Toibah Kirmani
July 19 2023

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Scene from 1994 movie shared as Crimea bridge attack


The Verdict False

The video being shared as a missile launch on Crimea bridge is from the 1994 American action comedy film True Lies.

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The bridge that connects Russia to Crimea, an area controlled by Moscow, which is a vital route for supplying the Russian forces in the war with Ukraine, experienced a complete halt in traffic on Monday. This happened because a part of the bridge was blown up, resulting in a couple's tragic death and their daughter's injury, as Aljazeera reported.

A video posted by Crimea 24, an online news channel, showed a bridge section hanging down at an angle above the water.

A different video on Twitter has shown missiles hitting a bridge and causing a massive explosion. The bridge is destroyed, and the blast throws a truck on the bridge into the air. The video has the caption, "New footage. #KerchBridge #CrimeanBridge." The video has over 7000 views. An archive version of the post can be found here.

However, this clip is from a movie unrelated to the recent Crimea Bridge attack.

In Fact

We searched the keyframes of the video, which led us to a YouTube video titled "7 Mile Bridge in True Lies." At the timestamp between 1:55 and 2:12 minutes in the video, the same footage of missiles striking a bridge and resulting in a massive explosion can be seen.

Research showed that the scene of the destroyed bridge is from the 1994 American action comedy film True Lies. This movie is available for streaming online and has a runtime of 2:21 hours. This specific scene can be found at 1:53 hours.

In the scene, the protagonist, Harry Tasker, played by the actor Arnold Schwarzenegger, finds himself in a race against time to prevent the bridge's destruction. The story revolves around Harry Tasker, a secret agent who leads a double life as a computer salesman. When his wife discovers his true identity, their relationship is tested. Harry's mission involves stopping a nuclear weapon plot and facing a dangerous arms dealer.

The original video of the damaged Crimea Bridge was shared by DW, The Guardian, and CNN, among many others. In the original video, the bridge was damaged, but no parts fell into the water, and the footage was recorded after the attack. In the movie clip, the bridge collapses from three missile hits, and pieces fall. There's no footage from a reliable news source during the actual attack.

The Verdict

The video showing the missiles attacking a bridge is from the 1994 movie True Lies and is unrelated to the Crimea bridge attack. Therefore, we have marked this claim as false.


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