False: Survey Junkie is giving a £1000 bonus for signing up.

By: Ishita Goel
October 12 2022

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False: Survey Junkie is giving a £1000 bonus for signing up.


The Verdict False

Survey Junkie has not announced a £1000 signing-up bonus. This message has been shared with fake links to scam people.

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Survey Junkie, owned by the consumer insights platform DISQO, describes itself as an online market research community aiming to deliver data and analytics to the market research industry. In exchange for rewards, it engages its members in market research. Several pages and accounts on Facebook have shared posts claiming that Survey Junkie is giving out a £1,000 bonus on sign-up. One of the Facebook posts includes an image of a purported email by Survey Junkie confirming the bonus payment. The caption reads, "I finally received mine. Its really coming guys. If anyone is going through a hard time right now there's a new relief Program that will help you out from Survey Junkie just by completing the survey." These posts have frequently been shared in buy-and-sell Facegroup groups, but appear to be a phishing scam.

In fact

The official website of Survey Junkie does not state consumers will receive a £1,000 bonus on sign-up. Also, the logo in the supposed email has different colors - green and yellowish orange, which do not match the actual logo's two colors - green and black. The yellowish-orange logo is rarely seen in any official Survey Junkie content. The post link redirects the user to a fake site, while the email address has the domain name GoDaddy, a publicly traded internet domain registrar and web hosting company.

According to an article published on August 3, 2021, by Money Life Wax, a financial advice website, new users could earn $5-$10 for signing up on Survey Junkie after creating a profile and completing several surveys. On September 30, 2022, Good Financial Cents, a financial advice website, stated a member can earn "$0.50 to $3 for each survey" they take. Each survey is worth between 80 and 150 points, with designated points assigned for each action.

Survey Junkie's social media pages on Facebook and Twitter share giveaways, programs, and events for a chance to win 1,000 SurveyJunkie points, which is equivalent to $10. The terms and conditions vary for each giveaway, with a limited number of people eligible. In addition, members can join the Survey Junkie affiliate program to earn extra commission and points for recruiting new members and sharing their opinions. Survey Junkie's Frequently Asked Questions page states that members can redeem the Survey Junkie points, "including cash through PayPal or bank transfer and gift cards for Amazon, Target, Walmart, Sephora, Starbucks, Visa, iTunes, etc." Its help center also provides all details regarding the sign-in, rewards, redemption, and more.

The false links have been likely used to scam people, and Logically has previously debunked a similar claim involving giving out money. These social media posts containing dubious links are scams, usually created to coerce consumers into exposing their banking information or other sensitive personal data. Phishing scams use deceit to trick victims into disclosing sensitive information.

The verdict

Survey Junkie has not presented any offers for new sign-ups. There is no evidence that it has any offers of a £1,000 sign-up bonus per individual. They have a referral program and giveaways to win bonuses worth smaller amounts. Therefore, we have marked this claim as false.

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