False: The Royal Family misspelled 'coronation' while revealing King Charles' coronation emblem.

By: Ishita Goel
February 15 2023

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False: The Royal Family misspelled 'coronation' while revealing King Charles' coronation emblem.


The Verdict False

An altered photo of a tweet by the Royal Family is being shared, claiming that they misspelled 'coronation' on King Charles' coronation emblem.

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On February 11, 2023, Buckingham Palace unveiled the emblem for King Charles' upcoming coronation. The Royal Family's Twitter handle made the announcement and revealed the image of the logo.

Since then, several posts have surfaced on social media, along with a screenshot of the same tweet, claiming that it had misspelled "coronation" as "conoration." A look at the screenshot shows that the spelling is indeed incorrect. A Facebook user shared the screenshot and wrote, "Conoration? Does that mean he is going to be in Coronation Street and paired off with Carla?" Another user quipped, "Looking forward to it, whatever a CONORATION is…." On Twitter, people claimed that it was evidence that King Charles had publicly admitted that coronation is a "con."

However, the image being circulated on social media has been altered.

In Fact

The Royal Family's tweet on February 11 shows the logo with the correct spelling. The text on the emblem reads: "KING CHARLES III. CORONATION. 6TH MAY 2023". This contradicts the claim made by social media users that the Royal Family had misspelled the word 'coronation' in their announcement, making it clear that the image being shared has been altered.

We traced the altered image to a tweet from February 11 by British comedian Adam Kay, who posted the edited image of the coronation emblem. Kay attached the altered emblem and wrote, "I mean, I'd have probably spelled CORONATION right, but whatever." On February 12, however, he posted a screenshot of his original tweet with the warning label Twitter added: "Readers added context they thought people might want to know." He admitted that he had altered the emblem, writing, "My very first 'Readers added context.' I know, Elon - I spent nearly a minute photoshopping it."

King Charles' coronation will be held on May 6 at Westminster Abbey. It will be followed by the Coronation Concert at Windsor Castle on May 7, as well as national events, street parties, and community gatherings. The day's events will include a carriage procession and traditional appearances on the Buckingham Palace balcony, reported BBC News.

According to the Royal Household website, the emblem revealed for the coronation, which uses the red, white, and blue of the union flag, pays tribute to the "King's love of the natural world, depicting the flora of the four nations in the shape of St Edward's Crown." The emblem, designed by Sir Jony Ive, will feature throughout the historical events in May, including street parties, community gatherings, and official merchandise.

The Verdict

King Charles' coronation emblem does not misspell the word "coronation." A photo of the emblem, edited by a British comedian, and appearing to misspell the word, is being shared on social media without the requisite context. The tweet by the Royal Family's Twitter handle proves this claim is inaccurate. Therefore, we have marked this claim as false.

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