False: There was a third, unknown person in Paul Pelosi's home when he was attacked.

By: Arron Williams
November 7 2022

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False: There was a third, unknown person in Paul Pelosi's home when he was attacked.


The Verdict False

Paul Pelosi and David DePape were the only two present in the Pelosi residence at the time of the attack. There was no third person involved.

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Following David DePape's attack on U.S. politician Nancy Pelosi's husband, Paul Pelosi, on October 28, misinformation surrounding the event has been circulating on social media. One of the many claims circulating with high traction is that there was a third, unknown person in the house at the scene of the attack. This claim is based on information in an article by Politico, which stated, "Officers arrived at the house, knocked on the front door, and were let inside by an unknown person." The final part of the quote has been used to suggest this unknown person was a third and different person that was present during the attack. Screenshots of the article have circulated on Twitter alongside these claims.

In Fact

Officials have stated that there was no third person involved in the attack on Paul Pelosi. The only people present at the time were Paul Pelosi and David DePape.

A fact check by Reuters investigated claims of a third person being involved in the attack and found them to be misleading. Reuters reached out to law enforcement officials, who told them there was no indication that there was a third person present in the house, or that Pelosi and DePape knew each other. Additionally, as stated by Reuters, The Department of Justice released the criminal complaint, in which DePape stated that Paul Pelosi opened the door when the police knocked. 

Furthermore, Brooke Jenkins, the San Fransisco District Attorney, spoke to reporters on October 30, clarifying that there was no third person present during the attack and that when the police arrived, there were only two people present within the house.

The Politico article used as the basis for the claims was updated on October 31 to clarify that, based on reports from the police and district attorney, there were only two people present at the property. It further stated that on the day of the attack, the police chief hadn't specified who had opened the door from the inside. 

The Verdict

The claims are based on a misunderstanding of the scene, which has since been clarified by Politico. Officials have confirmed that only Pelosi and DePape were present inside the residence at the time of the attack. Therefore, we have marked this claim as false. 

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