False: Transgender people are simulating pregnancy with prosthetic babies.

By: Sam Doak
March 14 2023

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False: Transgender people are simulating pregnancy with prosthetic babies.


The Verdict False

There is no evidence this product was intended to be used by transgender people for this purpose.

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For several months, an image has circulated on the internet that social media users have claimed shows a product marketed towards transgender people. Designed to have the appearance of an advertisement, it includes images of a product described as "The Butt Baby" alongside text outlining its alleged function. According to the graphic's creator, it is "a prosthetic baby that can be inserted deep into the loving embrace of the rectum, where a Trans Woman can experience and celebrate the miracle of child birth." 

This graphic appears to have been popularized by the Hodgetwins, a pair of conservative American YouTubers. In September 2022, the brothers uploaded a video to YouTube in which they discussed the graphic and visited a website where the product is available for purchase. In the video, which is entitled "TransWomen Can Experience Child Birth With The ‘Butt Baby,'" one of them tells the audience, "I thought it was fake at first but there's actually a website selling this." To date, this video has been watched over 105,000 times. 

The comments section attached to the Hodgetwins' video makes it clear that many viewers believe the product was designed for use by trans people. One commenter states that the video is proof that "transgender people ought to be placed in state-run mental hospitals."

In Fact

This product was not designed to enable transgender people to simulate childbirth, as claimed by the Hodgetwins and others. A search for the product reveals that it was available for purchase through the web store of Treasure Island Media. This company primarily specializes in the production and distribution of pornography. Details on this site show that the product was designed by an adult performer associated with the studio. 

Nothing on websites belonging to Treasure Island Media or the product's designer suggests that it was designed for the use described by the Hodgetwins. There is no mention of transgender people anywhere on the product description on either site. As every other product on the site is identifiable as an adult sex toy, it is reasonable to assume that this is the intended function of "The Butt Baby." 

Logically searched extensively and could not find a single instance of a transgender person endorsing this product or any other evidence it has been used in the manner outlined by the Hodgetwins. All available evidence and context point to it being an adult toy with no apparent connection to this community. 

The Verdict

There is no evidence that this product was intended to allow transgender people to simulate childbirth. All available information points to it being designed as an adult sex toy. This claim has therefore been marked as false. 

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