Video does not show Niger's military leadership receiving public support after the recent coup

By: Sam Doak
August 2 2023

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Video does not show Niger's military leadership receiving public support after the recent coup


The Verdict False

This video was filmed in Burkina Faso prior to the recent coup in Niger.

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On July 26, 2023, Niger’s civilian government was ousted in a coup by the county’s military. In the following days, tensions in the region have risen considerably, with military figures accusing France of plotting an intervention.

This event has received significant international attention in part because Niger’s ousted president, Mohamed Bazoum, was one of the few pro-western heads of state in the Sahel region. Pro-Kremlin social media users have frequently shared false and misleading narratives concerning the coup, who appear to view it as demonstrative of Russia’s growing influence in Africa.

In this context, a video showing many uniformed men has circulated on social media. The footage shows the military personnel entering a stadium to applause. While the context of this is not immediately obvious, some have presented it as proof of public support for Niger’s new leadership.

One Twitter user shared this footage with the caption, “JUST IMAGINE HOW CIVILIANS ARE CHEERING SOLDIERS IN NIGER REPUBLIC. Dis is d result wen u reward stealing with juicy positions, dis is d result wen u steal people's votes, dis is d result when d money meant for 83million people is inside d pocket of just 5 politicians. Shame!!!” 

This post was widely shared in recent days, garnering over 1,100 retweets and 1,900 likes. Despite this, Logically Facts has determined that it was not filmed in Niger. 

In fact

A reverse image search of keyframes from this video reveals it was uploaded to TikTok on April 30, 2023. When translated from French, the caption reads, “The arrival of President Ibrahim Traoré at the opening ceremony of National Culture Week (SNC) at the Sangoulé Lamizana stadium in Bobo-Dioulasso.”

A newspaper article published by the Burkina Information Agency clarifies that this event was held on April 29, stating, “Captain Ibrahim Traoré was welcomed this Saturday at the opening of the 20th National Culture Week (SNC) by a jubilant crowd in a bowl filled with the Sangoulé Lamizana stadium. The Head of State arrived around 4 pm. After the execution of the national anthem, captain Ibrahim Traoré toured the stadium, to the applause of the public.”

Captain Ibrahim Traoré is the current leader of Burkina Faso, having seized power in a coup on September 30, 2022. The Sangoulé Lamizana stadium is located in Bobo Dioulasso, Burkina Faso.

The verdict

This footage has nothing to do with recent events in Niger. It shows the leader of Burkina Faso during a ceremony that occurred in late April in Bobo Dioulasso. This claim has therefore been marked as false.

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