Video of people cooking pig shared as ‘migrants roasting dog' in Ireland

By: Soham Shah
October 11 2023

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Video of people cooking pig shared as ‘migrants roasting dog' in Ireland

Posts falsely claiming that the video shows African migrants cooking a dog in Dublin, Ireland. (Source: Facebook/Modified by Logically Facts)


The Verdict False

Clear photos from different angles prove that the animal being cooked is a pig and not a dog.

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What is the claim?

A video of an animal being roasted in a yard has been shared on Facebook and X (formerly Twitter) with the claim that it shows African migrants cooking a dog in Dublin, Ireland. 

One of the posts sharing the video carried the caption, “African migrants in Dublin roast a dog on a spit in public.🤬🤬🤬🤮🤢”. An archive link of a post can be accessed here.

The video is overlaid with text supporting a similar xenophobic narrative and says the incident is from “Dorset Street Flats apparently.”   


Posts claiming a dog was cooked by African migrants in Dublin.(Source: Facebook)

However, we found that the animal being roasted was a pig and not a dog. 

What is the truth?

On September 28, in an Instagram post the account ‘livelifesexy’ posted some photos with the same background and cooking equipment as the viral video. The Instagram photos clealry show the people roasting a pig and not a dog. The location tagged in this post is also Dorset Street Flats, a location in Dublin, as confirmed by Google Maps.

Instagram post clearly shows the animal being roasted is a pig. (Source: Instagram/Screenshot)

Both the Instagram photos and the viral video feature the same reddish-orange cooking equipment and the same brick wall in the background.

Matching cooking equipment and brick walls seen in the Instagram post and viral video. (Source: Instagram,X)

The caption of the Instagram post said, “Irish culinary culture is slowly dying, I learned Saturday that the people would scoff burgers and pulled pork baps around a fire where the heart of the pulled pork comes from. It wasn’t so long ago, that our great grandfathers and our grandfathers fed us pigs feet, and the scrapings of left over meat for a stew. That is why, I want to bring a fine dining culinary once of event, collaborating with chefs and butchers.” This clearly indicates that the animal in the visuals is a pig. The post author added that the barbecue aimed to feed “all the homeless and all the refugees, and all the community.”

Reuters reported that the person in the first photo confirmed to them that the animal being cooked was a pig, not a dog. 

The verdict

Photos confirm the animal in the viral video is a pig and not a dog. Therefore, we have mark the claim false.

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