Video of two boats colliding is not from Lakshadweep

By: Soham Shah
January 16 2024

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Video of two boats colliding is not from Lakshadweep

Post claiming video of two boats crashing is from Lakshadweep. (Source: @HKurusee/X/Modified by Logically Facts)


The Verdict False

We found that the video is from Kerala and was taken in December 2023 during a boat race that saw two boats crashing. It is unrelated to Lakshadweep.

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What is the claim?

Several social media users are sharing a video of two boats crashing into each other with the claim that the incident took place in the Indian archipelago of Lakshadweep. Users behind the accounts sharing the video, which shows a bunch of rowers falling into the water, on social media have claimed to be from the Maldives.

These posts, one of which has been archived here,  have surfaced amid the ongoing India-Maldives diplomatic row which started after some Maldivian ministers made disparaging comments against Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi after he visited Lakshadweep. The row has led to social media users from India and the Maldives trying to portray the other country in a negative light.

Posts claiming the video is from Lakshadweep. (Source: @HKurusee/X/Modified by Logically Facts)

However, the viral video is not from Lakshadweep.

What is the truth?

Using reverse image search, we found a report published on a Malayalam website Kerala Sabdam that carried a still from the video. The report from December 3, 2023, said that the incident took place at the ‘Champions Boat League Pandanad boat race.’ 

We found an extended video viral clip posted on the YouTube channel of news outlet Asianet News with a title in Malayalam, which translates to, “Boat rammed into boat, footage | Boat Race. ” The video was uploaded on December 3, 2023, and its description reads, “CBL Boat Race held at Chengannur Pandanad, boat rammed into Chundan boat, rowers jumped into water (translated).”


We also noticed that one of the boats had ‘Pallathuruthy Boat Club’ written in Malayalam on its hull. We found that this is a famous boat club in Kerala.

Text on the boat which says 'Pallathuruthy Boat Club.' (Source:X)

According to the Kerala Tourism website, the 12th Champions Boat League was held at the Pallathuruthy Boat Club in Pandanad, Alappuzha, on December 2, 2023.

Haritha John, head of the Kerala bureau of The News Minute, confirmed to Logically Facts that the incident captured in the viral video took place in Pandanad, Alappuzha district. 

The verdict

We have marked the claim as false as the video is from Kerala, not Lakshadweep, and dates back to December.

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