Viral circular from Osmania University with rescheduled dates for undergraduate examination is fake

By: Umme Kulsum
June 20 2023

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Viral circular from Osmania University with rescheduled dates for undergraduate examination is fake


The Verdict False

Osmania University's controller of undergraduate examinations Dr. Krishnam Raju said the circular is fraudulent and edited.

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On June 17, Osmania University in Hyderabad, Telangana, released a press note stating that it postponed all its exams scheduled for June 20 to commemorate Telangana Education Day. The press release added that the rescheduled timetable for all postponed exams would be posted on the university’s official website.

Following this press release, a bogus circular dated June 18 with an Osmania University letterhead announcing rescheduled dates for undergraduate examinations is being widely shared on WhatsApp student groups.

The alleged circular read, “All the examinations scheduled on 20 June 2023 under the jurisdiction of Osmania University, is postponed in view of celebrations of Telangana State Education Day on 20th June 2023. The rescheduled dates for undergraduate (non-professional) examinations are as follows: Examinations Rescheduled to IV Semester 06.07.2023 VI Semester 15.07.2023. The rescheduled dates for the remaining examinations will be intimated later (sic).”

However, this letter is fake.

In Fact

Logically Facts checked Osmania University’s official website for the circular. However, no circular was released on June 18, nor was any circular with postponed dates for the undergraduate examinations released on that day. The most recent press note is from June 17, regarding the postponement of all examinations on June 20.

On June 19, the university released rescheduled examination dates for M.Sc Chemistry, Molecular & Human Genetics, and CBCS-non CBCS. But there was no press release on rescheduled dates for undergraduate examinations. A comparison showed that the viral circular was made by tweaking a previous official circular released by the university on June 17 that contained the same circular number — “No.3001/OU/Exams/2023,” as seen in the viral image. The original circular is only an announcement on the postponement of examinations scheduled for June 20.

Logically Facts also contacted the controller of undergraduate examinations at Osmania University, Dr. Krishnam Raju, who confirmed the circular is fake and that the university has not yet released the rescheduled dates for the ndergraduate exauminations. “All the college principals, staff, students, and parents are advised to be cautious and follow only official circulars uploaded on the website. Please check the OU website or OU Examination Branch webpage for all matters pertaining to examinations,” he added.

The Verdict

The university has clarified that the viral circular is fake and that dates for the rescheduled examination for undergraduates have not been announced as of June 20. Therefore, we have marked this claim as false.

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