False: Wole Soyinka endorsed Bola Tinubu for the Nigerian presidency.

By: Sam Doak
February 23 2023

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False: Wole Soyinka endorsed Bola Tinubu for the Nigerian presidency.


The Verdict False

Soyinka has denied the authenticity of this quote. He has not publicly endorsed any candidate in this race.

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For some time now, a quote has been circulating on social media that has been attributed to Wole Soyinka. The statement concerns the Nigerian general elections and reads, “have never involve myself in politics or campaign for any politician, but in 2023 i will involve in politics and campaign for longtime friend in 1993 Nadeco struggle.” 

This statement was written with the goal of convincing viewers that Soyinka has endorsed Bola Tinubu, leader of the All Progressives Congress and a presidential candidate in the upcoming elections. 

Soyinka is a prominent figure in Nigeria, and his endorsement would likely carry a significant amount of influence. The first African to receive a Nobel Prize in Literature in 1986, he has been an influential critic of successive Nigerian governments throughout the decades. 

In Fact

Logically was unable to find a single verifiable statement by Wole Soyinka in which the writer endorsed any candidate for the Nigerian presidency in 2023.

In a statement published by the Nigerian outlet The Guardian, Soyinka addressed this narrative directly. On this matter, he stated, “Here we go again, the same boring, illiterate public interlopers who lack the courage of their conviction and must steal the identities of their betters. One can only hope that the public has learnt to identify FAKE NEWS and join in the urgent task of exposing and disgracing these despicable touts."

“For the avoidance of doubt, I have not even THOUGHT 2023, much less inserted candidates into coveted positions. The signature of this latest moron is familiar – he or she does not even know the difference between 'Laureate and Laurel.' This is an ancient forgery being recycled for the umpteenth time. Those who pass it around do themselves and their recipients a disservice.”

This is not the only time in this election cycle that Soyinka has had to refute false quotes attributed to him. On February 19, he was asked by Premium Times about claims he had denounced Bola Tinubu’s opponents as “greedy and self-centred.” He denied this, telling the outlet that the quotes being cited were “simply the works of peddlers of fake news and falsehood, who profit from misinformation to gain political advantages.”

The Verdict

Wole Soyinka has not endorsed any candidate in Nigeria’s presidential race. Soyinka has released a statement denying the authenticity of the quote being attributed to him and described it as “FAKE NEWS.” This claim has therefore been marked as false.  

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