Footage of pro-Palestinian demonstration misrepresented as Palestinian casualties in Gaza

By: Emmi Kivi
November 10 2023

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Footage of pro-Palestinian demonstration misrepresented as Palestinian casualties in Gaza


The Verdict Misleading

The footage was captured at a pro-Palestinian demonstration in Washington, D.C., on November 4 and does not show real Palestinian casualties in Gaza.

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The Context

As the Israel-Hamas conflict has entered its second month, the Palestinian death toll exceeds 10,000, according to the Health Ministry in Gaza. Simultaneously, Israeli officials estimate over 1,400 casualties in Israel. 

While the official number of casualties remains unconfirmed, the number of civilian deaths has also caused affinity and concern among social media users. Online users are sharing footage of arranged body bags on a pavement, supposedly in Gaza. In front of the body bags are pictures of killed Palestinian children during Israeli air strikes. A Facebook post carries the caption: “There’s never been a time in the history of Earth that exterminating an entire population is acceptable – why in 2023? Why the Palestinians,” with hashtags referencing the bombings in Gaza. Another post links the footage to Israeli airstrikes in Gaza with the caption: “Last night was the worst target bombing in all 30 days.”

However, the video does not show real Palestinian casualties, as it was captured from a Pro-Palestine demonstration in Washington, D.C., organized on November 4 in response to the Israel-Hamas war.  

In Fact

Further investigation into the viral footage led to the discovery of another TikTok video, published on November 7, with matching visuals to the viral video. The post had the caption, “In November we remember 11/4/2023 #nojusticenopeace #washington #protest #shutitdown #novemberweremember #ceasefire.”

Image on the left shows the viral footage and image on the right depicts the footage captured during the demonstration 
in Washington, D.C. Source: TikTok

With these added clues, we found an article written by AP News headlined “Protest marches from the U.S. to Berlin call for an immediate halt to Israeli bombing of Gaza” and published November 5. The article also includes matching images to the viral footage.

AP News reported that the pro-Palestinian demonstration was organized in Washington D.C. at the Freedom Plaza on November 4, 2023. AP News continues to describe the demonstration: “Dozens of small white body bags with the names of children killed by Israeli missiles lined the street, and demonstrators held signs calling for an immediate cease-fire.” 

Screenshot of the AP News report about the demonstration in Washington, D.C. The image caption reads, "Protesters place white
sacks representing the bodies of people killed in Gaza during a pro-Palestinian demonstration at Freedom Plaza in Washington, 
Saturday, Nov. 4, 2023. (AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana) Source: AP News

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The Verdict

The video does not show real Palestinian casualties on the streets of Gaza. The footage was captured initially at a pro-Palestinian demonstration in Washington, D.C., on November 4. The footage serves as a symbolic representation of Palestinian casualties in Gaza during the Israel-Hamas war. Therefore, we have marked the claim as misleading.

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