Misleading: The Dutch government will expropriate 3000 farms before 2030.

By: Pallavi Sethi
February 14 2023

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Misleading: The Dutch government will expropriate 3000 farms before 2030.


The Verdict Misleading

The Dutch government will proceed with forced buyouts only if all voluntary measures fail.

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The claim that the Dutch government will "expropriate 3000 farms before 2030" has gained over 14,000 views on Facebook. The video, however, fails to provide full context around the government's plans to reduce its livestock numbers with the aim of tackling climate change. Farmers are presented with multiple options, including selling their farms for a value of more than 100 percent or relocating to other parts of the country. Only if all voluntary measures fail will the government proceed with forced buyouts. 

In Fact

In December 2019, the Supreme Court of the Netherlands upheld a ruling requiring the country to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and undertake climate change mitigation measures. The Dutch government set aside €25 billion to drastically reduce the country's livestock as nitrogen oxide and ammonia emissions are present in animal manure. The country saw widespread farmer protests against the nitrogen emission control plan. Misinformation surrounding the topic also began circulating on social media. 

One such video on Facebook claims that the farmers were "losing" the fight against the Dutch government and calls its plans an act of "theft in the name of climate change." The viral post does not disclose that the government provides several options to farmers before moving into forced buyouts. Speaking to the Irish Farmer's Journal, a spokesperson from the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature, and Food Quality said there will be "perspective for every farmer who wants to continue farming." He further explained the four options presented to the farmers. Under the €25 billion funding, farmers in "environmentally suitable" areas will be supported by innovation to make farms more sustainable. Those who wish to continue farming but own land near nature reserves or problematic areas will be given the option to relocate to other parts of the country. Another option will be for farmers to pivot to businesses with less environmental impact. For instance, dairy farmers can transition to "less intensive farming practices" while the government takes care of some of their existing debts. If the farmers reject all options, the government will move into voluntary buyouts by offering more than 100 percent of the farm value. The spokesperson asserts, "the starting point is that the buying out of farmers will be voluntary." However, if all fails, the administration will move into forced buyouts. 

The Verdict

The Dutch government does not plan to steal farmlands. Only if all other voluntary measures fail will the government proceed with forced buyouts. We have marked this claim as misleading. 

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