Misleading: Global temperature data shows the Earth is cooling.

By: Sandesh M
May 24 2022

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Misleading: Global temperature data shows the Earth is cooling.


The Verdict Misleading

This post misrepresents data from a short period to claim the earth is cooling. Long-term data indicates a steady rise in temperature.

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Average global temperature levels have risen 0.8°C in the last century, as reproduced by various climate models. However, some climate skeptics allege that there has been no warming recently, even claiming that the global temperature has decreased. These skeptics refer to charts showing a lack of significant temperature rise over the last 30 years or so. They also claim that "CO2 cools the atmosphere," makes the Earth greener, and does not affect sea levels. Long-term trends show that the Earth has been warming due to the increase in heat-trapping greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide. It is predicted that the Earth's temperature will continue to rise by 5°C this century from rising amounts of greenhouse gases. In the past, warm and cold period events were confined to specific regions and did not affect the Earth's temperature as a whole. However, recent warming is more severe than previous warming and cooling periods. NASA's 2019 article titled "Nope, Earth Isn't Cooling" states that global temperature signals are erratic due to the interaction of various components. The planet is steadily accumulating heat as the ice melts, and the Earth's energy balance is lost. The long-term global temperature trendline is not linear. There are periods where no warming occurs, and the temperature decreases. Climate change skeptics use patterns formed in short periods with frequent ups and downs to claim the Earth is cooling. In one particular Facebook post, the user highlights the fluctuations for the last seven years to claim that the Earth has been cooling. However, taking into account climate and temperature data from the past few decades, it's clear there has been a steep and steady rise in global temperatures. Temperatures rise slowly over time, and decades of data are required to calculate the impact of global warming accurately. Studies and research indicate a steady rise in global temperatures. We have marked the claim as misleading as data from just seven years is used to show a dip in temperature, which is not indicative of a cooling Earth, as temperatures fluctuate either way over a short period.

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