False: A video shows the spherical fireworks display held at Kuravilangadu, Kerala on January 30, 2023.

By: Vivek J
February 16 2023

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False: A video shows the spherical fireworks display held at Kuravilangadu, Kerala on January 30, 2023.


The Verdict False

A digitally created video of a virtual fireworks display has been misrepresented to claim that it was a real event from Kerala in January 2023.

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A video has gone viral on social media platforms in India, claiming that a special kind of firework named "spherical fireworks" was displayed in Kuravilangadu, Kerala. Some posts also noted that this was a costly firework display and the first of its kind in the world. One such post read, "These are beautiful fireworks displayed in Kerala India! Called Spherical Fireworks. Very expensive, very well-engineered, designed fireworks."

However, this video is not that of an actual fireworks display.

In Fact

By conducting a reverse image search of the keyframes from this video, we came across the same video shared dozens of times in the past. One of the first instances was in 2013. A YouTube video titled "New Years 2013 - Synchronized Epic Music (Heart of Courage) - FWSim Fireworks Display - HD." This video was uploaded on January 4, 2013, by an account with the username mediabyjj. In the video's description, the uploader noted that he created this video and that it took a week to complete. The uploader also noted that "The great software used to mastermind a production like this is FWSim."

Upon searching for FWSim, we came across their website, where we can see some of the fireworks videos that were digitally created. There is also a detailed description of the website's services, including digital fireworks. Thus, it is clear that this video, claiming to be from Kerala, is a digital creation.

The same video went viral in 2018, claiming to be a fireworks display atop Mount Fuji in Japan. Even then, similar claims like this technology being spherical fireworks or spherical pyrotechnics were used. In 2022, the video was shared claiming to be from Borivali West in Mumbai. India Today debunked this claim. 

The Verdict

A virtual fireworks display was created using a software and uploaded to YouTube in 2013. This video of the virtual fireworks display is being shared, claiming to be from various places. The most recent instance claims that it was from Kerala. Therefore, we have marked this claim as false.

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