No, Andhra Pradesh government will not impose a ₹20,000 fine for driving with earphones on

By: Rajeswari Parasa
July 31 2023

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No, Andhra Pradesh government will not impose a ₹20,000 fine for driving with earphones on


The Verdict False

Officials confirmed that no such directive was issued. As per existing rules, commuters have to pay ₹1,000 if found using earphones while drving.

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Several social media users claim that the Andhra Pradesh(AP) government has announced a whooping ₹20,000 fine for commuters who use earphones or headsets while driving. Twitter user 'Telugu Scribe' on July 26, wrote: "Sensational decision by Andhra government, Rs 20,000 fine would be levied if a person is driving with a headset and earphones. This would be implemented from August. The Andhra Pradesh government has taken a sensational decision. From now onwards, if anyone traveling on a bike, car, or auto wears earphones or a headset, they will be charged a Rs 20,000 fine. According to the sources, all the instructions were sent to the Transport department (translated from Teulgu)." Though this tweet was later deleted, an archive accessed by Logically Facts shows that the post had garnered over 80,000 views and 475 likes. Several users have shared similar posts on Facebook too. 

Several local media outlets, such as Mirchi9, also amplified the claim. 

However, the claim that the AP government will impose such a fine is false.

In Fact

We combed the official website of the Andhra Pradesh transport department to check for any circular/statement/press release that mentioned any recent decision on penalizing drivers with a hefty fine of ₹20,000 for using headsets or earphones and found no such official announcement.

Logically Facts also reached out to senior officials at the transport department for confirmation. Additional Transport Commissioner SAV Prasada Rao told us that no new communication on imposing fines for using headsets while driving had been issued. "No, we haven't given any such direction from our end. Fake news is being circulated online," Rao said.

The fact-checking wing of the Andhra Pradesh government also took to Twitter to clarify that the claim of a ₹20,000 fine for using earphones was false information. The tweet, when translated from Telugu, read: "The Andhra Pradesh government has decided to impose a fine of Rs.20,000 for wearing earphones or headset while driving. This kind of false information is circulating online. In this regard, the state transport department has not taken any such decision."

According to B Suresh Naidu, Road Transport Officer, Anantapur district, a fine of only ₹1,000 is levied on those who use headsets or earphones while driving a car or riding a two-wheeler. This fine is charged under the Motor Vehicle Act of 1988.

The Verdict

The Andhra Pradesh government has not issued any order to impose a fine of ₹20,000 for wearing a headset while driving. Transport officials have also dismissed this claim. Hence, we mark the claim false.

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