No, this picture doesn't show adrenochrome transported in Heineken barrels

By: Iryna Hnatiuk
December 13 2023

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No, this picture doesn't show adrenochrome transported in Heineken barrels


The Verdict False

The picture shows an art object demonstrated in 2018 in London, not a Heineken barrel transported by Shell.

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The claim

A picture is circulating on social media falsely claiming that adrenochrome is being transported by Shell in beer kegs belonging to Heineken. A TikTok user shared the video (archived here) with a picture of a metal barrel resembling one for beer transportation with the word adenochrome on it. According to the author of the publication, this is how adrenochrome is being transported by Shell in barrels that belong to the Dutch brewing company Heineken.

Image of adrenochrome on supposed Heineken beer kegs compared to a picture of an art project. (Source: TikTok/Instagram/Modified by Logically Facts)

What does the picture actually show?

Heineken indeed sells beer in similar barrels, but they are marked with their signature green color and do not have red markings as shown in the photo. Shell, a company involved in oil and natural gas extraction, processing, and delivery, has never published information about any other transportation.

A spokesperson for Central Saint Martins, UAL, previously confirmed to Reuters, “The image is of an artwork made by a graduating student for the end-of-year show in 2018.” Artist Natalia Lambert told Reuters that the photograph shared online depicts her artwork. “I have no knowledge or relationship to any claims about Shell & Heineken,” she added. Logically Facts has contacted Lambert for comment. 

Supporters of conspiracy theories believe adrenochrome to be a substance extracted from the brains of frightened and brutally murdered children, which aids the preservation of youth and longevity. In reality, adrenochrome is a product of adrenaline oxidation, naturally produced in both children and adults. Moreover, scientists have successfully synthesized adrenochrome in laboratories. It is utilized in scientific research and the production of certain medications. Adrenochrome is not prohibited, and there is no need for clandestine transportation.

The verdict

The image was created during an art exhibition at the University of Arts in London. It is from 2018 and depicts an art project titled "Adrenochrome" by Natalie Lambert. Dutch company Heineken and oil giant Shell have never shared any publications about relations to scientific projects related to adenochrome.

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