Footage of parachuters from Egypt misattributed to events in Israel

By: Christian Haag
October 9 2023

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Footage of parachuters from Egypt misattributed to events in Israel

(Source: TikTok/Sreenshot/Modified by Logically Facts)


The Verdict False

Video shows parachuters in Cairo, Egypt, and it is not related to the Hamas attack on Israel.

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A video circulating on social media claim to show Hamas paratroopers related to the recent attack on Israel. The video shows parachutes circling above a large white building with Arabic text on its entrance as well as a black and white crest. Several videos have captions “Real PUBG by Palestine,” referencing the video game Player Unknown Battlegrounds

Examples of the claim can be found on X and TikTok. Several videos of the same footage have been posted on TikTok, with four videos combined reaching approximately  2.5 million views. However, the video has been falsely attributed. 

In fact

The video shows Egyptian parachuters practicing above the Egyptian Military Academy in Cairo and is not related to Hamas's recent attack on Israel. 

Using a Google reverse image search, Logically Facts has identified the building as the Egyptian Military Academy. By focusing Google lens on the Arabic text on the top of the building, we found results for the academy, including its official website, an address, and a crest identical to that seen in the video. 

Reverse Google Image search for building in viral the videos focused on the text on the building. 
Screenshot by Logically Facts.
Location of the address on Google Maps and location of Military Academy.
Screenshot by Logically Facts. 

When searching for the address on Google Maps, a military academy is listed close by with a photo of the bulding. While no Street View data is available, one image shows the same buildings as seen in the video, thus confirming the academy's location.

Image of building found in the viral videos uploaded to Google Maps.
Screenshot by Logically Facts. 

The verdict

The location seen in the video is a military academy in Egypt, and is unrelated to the recent Hamas attack on Israel. Therefore, we have marked this claim as false. 

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