'Fast and Furious 8' clip shared as violence amid protests in France

By: Umme Kulsum
July 3 2023

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'Fast and Furious 8' clip shared as violence amid protests in France


The Verdict False

The video depicts a scene from the film "Fast and Furious 8 — The Fate of the Furious." It has nothing to do with the ongoing French protests.

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Widespread unrest in France after police shot dead a teenager of Algerian descent on June 27 has led to misleading narratives on social media platforms. Users have been sharing old videos and images, misattributing them to the recent protests.

One such video of cars falling from a multi-storey parking lot has been circulating on different platforms with claims they were pushed by rioters in France. The caption on one such Twitter post, when translated to English, reads, “This is not a scene from a movie; this video is from France where the vehicles are being demolished by the Muslim-jihadis-terrorists of the peace-loving community whom modernist ultra-liberal ultra-humanist France gave shelter to in their country was!!” 

Another tweet carrying the same video had the caption that read, “JUST IN: Immigrants push cars off buildings in France.” The archive versions of such posts can be accessed here and here

However, this video is from a movie and is not connected to the protests.

In Fact

By using reverse image search, Logically Facts found a June 2016 tweet that had the same viral footage. The tweet was posted by Justin King, then a senior producer with AL.com. The post said the footage was from an action sequence from Fast and Furious 8. The caption read, “Fast & Furious 8 filming in Cleveland. Imagine if you weren't aware and suddenly saw this. (h/t Kasey Crabtree).”

We ran a relevant keyword search that led us to an HD video uploaded on YouTube by an official channel of an upcoming movie under the Fast and Furious franchise, called “The Fast Saga” titled “The Fate of the Furious | Raining Cars Scene in 4K HDR.” The YouTube video shows the scene of the vehicles falling from the building from different angles.

Logically Facts also came across a report by the Mirror dated June 2016 with the same video. According to the report, an individual recorded a scene from the filming of the eighth movie of Fast and Furious series in Cleveland, Ohio.

We found a longer version of the viral video published by ABC on June 04, 2016 on their official Facebook account. According to the post's caption, this video was captured during the making of the film.

The Verdict

The video of cars falling off a building has nothing to do with France or the current unrest in the country. The video is of a scene from the movie “Fast and Furious 8.” Therefore, we mark this claim as false.


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