Video from Pakistan shared as ‘mass immigration’ in U.K.'s Bradford

By: Umme Kulsum
March 12 2024

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Video from Pakistan shared as ‘mass immigration’ in U.K.'s Bradford

A screenshot of a post claiming the video featuring women in burqa originates from Bradford. (Source: X/ Modified by Logically Facts)


The Verdict False

The video is outdated and was filmed in Resham Bazar, located in Sindh, Pakistan. It is not related to the U.K. or the city of Bradford.

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What’s the claim

A video depicting a bustling street filled with women in burqas and men in kurtas has been circulating online. It is purported to show Bradford and is being linked to discussions on immigration and criticism of the British government.

A user shared the video on X (formerly Twitter) with the caption: “The British city of Bradford is completely unrecognizable due to mass immigration. The picture is the same in many other European cities. Mass immigration is absolutely one of the greatest crimes against European people and civilization.” At the time of writing, the post has amassed over 300,000 views. Links to archived versions of similar posts are accessible here, here, and here

Screenshot of claims made online. (Source: X/ Modified by Logically Facts)

What we found

Logically Facts has determined that the video in question is unrelated to Bradford.

Upon reviewing the comments under the viral post, many users suggested the video was from Pakistan. Following this lead, a Google search revealed a more extended version of the video on YouTube, uploaded by a channel called "GIRL IN PARADISE" on February 10, 2022. The video description indicated it was filmed at Resham Bazar in Sindh, Pakistan.

At the 0:08 mark of the YouTube video, visuals that match those in the viral clip can be observed, including a woman wearing an orange scarf, Urdu signage, and a shop named 'Sakhi Jewellers.' At the 0:16 mark, a bun/snack seller seen in the viral video at 0:08 is also present.

Screenshot of viral video and the YouTube video (Source: X/YouTube)

Further examination of the YouTube video revealed more identifiable landmarks. At the 1:54 mark, a shop named 'Al-Mateen' matches the location of a shop by the same name in Resham Bazar, Sindh, Pakistan, on Google Maps. Additionally, at the 11:20 mark, a shop sign for “Ruby Collections” includes an address stating its location in Resham Bazaar, Pakistan.

Comparison showing visuals from YouTube video and Google Maps (Source: YouTube/Google Maps)

This confirms that a short clip from the longer video is being used to spread misinformation. The video is from Pakistan and has no connection to Bradford in the U.K.

The verdict

The video is outdated and was filmed on a street of Resham Bazar in Sindh, Pakistan, and not Bradford. Therefore, we have marked this claim as false.

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