President Biden does not sniff a baby in this video

By: Nikolaj Kristensen
July 19 2023

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President Biden does not sniff a baby in this video


The Verdict False

Audio has been added to a TikTok video to give the impression of Biden sniffing a child.

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A video of U.S. President Joe Biden leaning in and “sniffing” a baby has spread across social media. In the 20-second clip, Biden is seen saying to an off-screen baby, “You’re gorgeous, here, let me whisper you a secret.” The president leans in until his neck covers the screen and three loud sniffs are heard. He then leans back, saying, “Don’t tell Mommy what I told you.” 

“Joe Biden caught on recording sniffing young girls again… close up and disgusting… what a pervert get this guy out of here,” one user wrote.  

However, the video is edited. In the longer, original clip, no sniffing sounds are heard. 

In Fact

The original video was uploaded to TikTok on June 9, 2023, by the mother holding the baby in the video. The caption of the video reads, “interesting day #joebiden #president #fortliberty #metthepresident #army #fyp.” The middle hashtag suggests the video was captured at Fort Liberty in Fayetteville, North Carolina, where the president visited that day to give a speech and sign an executive order to support families with connections to the military.

In the comments below the video, the mother responded to a user that pointed out her video had gone viral with sniffs added. “I’ve seen it. People don’t have better things to do? They should at least give me a tag if they’re going to use my video,” the mother replied. 

Logically Facts did not find a single video with the added sniffing sounds that predated July 9, meaning they were all uploaded at least a full month after the original.

Claims of Biden acting disturbingly towards children have circulated for years, with conservatives and political opponents calling out the president on different occasions for supposedly behaving inappropriately towards kids. This was, for example, the case when a video on social media showed President Biden nibbling the arm of a young girl during a visit to Finland in mid-July 2023.

Also, back in April 2023, far-right House Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene shared a video titled “The Predator President” on her Twitter page with the caption, “I’ll say it again: Democrats are the party of pedophiles.” The video showed several clips of President Biden interacting with kids, edited together with an audio track added to give a sinister appearance. Logically Facts has previously debunked this video and Greene’s accompanying comments. 

The Verdict

A TikTok video has been edited to give the impression of Joe Biden sniffing a baby. In the original video, Biden does lean in on a baby to whisper the child something, but no sniffs are heard. Therefore, we have marked this claim as false.

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