Spike proteins from COVID-19 vaccines have not completely replaced sperm in vaccinated men

By: Arron Williams
April 26 2023

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Spike proteins from COVID-19 vaccines have not completely replaced sperm in vaccinated men


The Verdict False

Scientific studies have not indicated that COVID-19 vaccines harm fertility or that spike proteins replace sperm.

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A video shared on Facebook shows a presentation by Arne Burkhardt, a known spreader of COVID-19 vaccine disinformation. Burkhardt claims that spike proteins from the COVID-19 vaccines are damaging and replacing sperm cells. A caption alongside the video further states, “Sperm Is Replaced Completely By Spike Protein In ‘Vxinated.’” 

In Fact

The claims that spike proteins from vaccines are replacing sperm are not supported by credible scientific evidence. Scientific studies show that the COVID-19 vaccines have not negatively impacted fertility. The first evaluation of the impact of the COVID-19 mRNA vaccines on male fertility was published in 2021 in the journal Fertility and Sterility. This study found that vaccines do not negatively impact male fertility. These findings have been further supported by recent studies that have evaluated similar impacts.

A 2022 meta-analysis published in the scientific journal Vaccine reviewed scientific literature and studies on vaccines and fertility. The meta-analysis found that; “Based on the studies published so far, there is no scientific proof of any association between COVID-19 vaccines and fertility impairment in men or women.”

The meta-analysis also states that COVID-19 infection may be associated with impaired fertility and that the vaccine could “preserve reproductive function” by preventing COVID-19 infection. Similarly, another 2022 study in the journal Basic and Clinical Andrology studied the effect of the Pfizer vaccine on male fertility through semen analysis parameters. The study found that the vaccine had no detrimental effects on semen and no statistically significant effects on semen volume or sperm concentration. None of these studies makes any mention of spike proteins replacing sperm. 

The CDC’s information page on COVID-19 vaccines and fertility points to various other studies and states that there is no evidence the vaccines cause male fertility problems. Additionally, Logically has previously investigated claims that COVID-19 vaccines have affected female fertility and birth rates. These claims were found to be false. 

As explained in an article by Healthline, spike proteins are part of the coronavirus, which uses the proteins to attach to and enter cells. The mRNA vaccines teach the body to make these spike proteins so that the immune system recognizes them and creates an immune response to protect against the virus. 

According to a fact check by Health Feedback, Arne Burkhardt is a retired pathologist who has spread unsubstantiated claims about the COVID-19 vaccines. His claims and conclusions have been heavily criticized by experts due to a lack of evidence and unclear methodologies.  

The Verdict

There is no evidence that Spike Proteins from COVID-19 vaccines harm fertility or replace sperm in vaccinated men. Therefore we have marked this claim as false.

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